Kickstarter Project: Snack Gripperz – Easy-to-use Snack Utensil for Gamers

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Enjoy mess-free snacking when gaming. No grease, crumbs, stickiness, or distraction. Just great snacks as you game.

Game Geeks News is proud to bring you another amazing Kickstarter project for the Ultimate Gamers. Engineering student and passionate gamer, Alex from Munich, Germany, is hoping to raise enough funds to bring Snack Gripperz – The snack utensil for gamers to life. Unlike inferior products, Snack Gripperz are built from hard-wearing, long-lasting and durable materials. So, you can enjoy your Snack Gripperz for years to come.

Like you, Alex was fed up with greasy fingers, crumbs on our keyboards and controllers and mess everywhere from snacking whilst gaming.

That’s why he came up with Snack Gripperz. Determined that there must be a cleaner and easier way to enjoy our snacks, Alex and his team got to work designing.

After several prototypes, they finally found the ultimate answer to your gaming/snacking problems.

You’ll love being able to grab your favourite snack in a flash. Confident that your fingers, desk and keyboard will stay clean. All while never losing focus from your game.

Make Snack Gripperz your go-to gaming accessory. Say goodbye to mess, grease, and distractions. Say hello to hassle-free snacking and gaming.

Snack Gripperz is a universal snacking tool for gamers! Avoid dirty, greasy fingers whilst enjoying all your favourite snacks. Never miss a second of the action thanks to the unique, easy-to-use design of the Snack Gripperz.

From delicate crackers to hot, slippery noodles. Whatever your snack of choice, Snack Gripperz has got you covered. The unique design of the circular guard prevents messy drips from running onto your desk or hands. It also makes the Snack Gripperz easy to rest on the edge of your bowl.

The unique pivot joint ring provides stability to the tweezers, making them easy to grab and control. They’re also easy to store, you can hang them up by the ring or keep them in the drawer. The long-lasting, hard-wearing plastic makes Snack Gripperz easy to wash. Simply throw them in the dishwasher for simple, easy cleaning. Easy to store or keep on your desk. The compact size of the Snack Gripperz means they’ll fit easily on your desk as you enjoy your game.

The universal design means you can grab your Snack Gripperz with either your left or right hand. They’re great for multiple grips. Whether you want to master your chopstick skills, pretend you’re playing operation, or simply grab your snacks as fast as you can. Keep your focus on the game and your fingers grease-free.

These snack gripperz have a Unique, user-focused design, made with care and quality in our German factory. The top-quality materials complement our high standard of manufacturing. Making for a long-lasting, easy way to enjoy your snacks. The fine tips give you the precision and control to grip your snacks firmly and easily. So, you can grab even the tiniest of crumbs and enjoy every last bit of your snack!.

With a strong, flexible and heat resistant. Snack Gripperz stand up to loads of use and will be your gaming companion for years to come. They don’t just look great. You’ll love how easy the Snack Gripperz are to grip. Meaning you can pick them up easily and effortlessly grab your snacks.

Choose your colour of Snack Gripperz.

For more information and to back this amazing project, visit their kickstarter page today.


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