Kickstarter Project: No More Home


A tactical cooperation FPS, fight against giant quadrupeds, and defend your home.

Rokyte Studio is a French team composed of two self-learned developers who wish to create quality video games and make a living from this!. Composed of: Victor (aka “Soldat264”), their programmer, who created Rokyte Studio and the chairman! Maxime (aka “Kertit”), is the artist who joined the team recently and basically creates all visual and audio content! So, after the release on Steam of “Broll”, they would like to step up and make “No More Home” a reality! But for this, they need you all!.

No More Home is a Tactical cooperation FPS, you are part of an elite commando force, came to free the city from the “Salvagers” claw. Terrible extra-terrestrial machines are here to exploit the earth’s resources. Are you just going to run into the fight? Or play stealth and safe?. NMH will be a (not too much) futuristic FPS, largely inspired by “Halo”, “Bf2142” and “Mass effect”. An entire city to defend!. In No More Home, you will not just “spawn, destroy things and get back to the main menu”.

Here you will have to stay in the city and keep protecting it from constant waves of “Recyclers”! You cannot fight for an infinite amount of time, so hopefully, you will be able to rest in one of the hidden outposts! So yup, a whole big city all for you to explore and to keep fighting in, divided into multiple districts such as – The docks – The power-plant island – The city centre – The residential area – And much more! It is quite a lot of work and we know that. But they’ve made a good start for now!

Great space demands a grand strategy. Being in an entire city will allow you to play the way you want: You can either just run forward and do it the “Michael bay way”, or maybe you will prefer to wait for the night and sneak to your objective? The vast city gives you all opportunities! Not just running! Yes, there will be vehicles for you to drive! Probably not in the early version, but we’ve planned to add tons of them: – civilian cars and motorbike – ATV and armored cars with mounted weapon – and more! We would not let you roam around the whole city on feet!.

Did we say multiplayer? Be prepared to play against other players, or to cooperate with them! In NMH it will be possible to play with your friends, or with anyone in the world! But… what if someone was playing as the Quadrupeds? I mean, it looks big, and probably has quite some firepower.

What about your character? As a Human, you will have to manage your inventory and be careful to not take too much heavy stuff! All objects you can carry will have a weight and will influence your movement and stealthiness That means if you need to play stealth, you must take as little equipment as possible. But maybe that will force you to wear light armor, which could make you weaker against damage. During your mission, you must loot resources and bring it back to any outpost, then exchange it to get “components” that allow you to buy new gears and weapon. Also, each time you finish a mission, kill a recycler or even damage one, you’ll earn experience points. Still in an outpost, you can spend those points in a skill tree that will increase your character’s stats. Including speed, max health, max weight… And much more! At a higher level, you might find some special skills and unlockable stuff. Would you enjoy being able to temporarily disable your enemy weapon? Or to get into the game with a guided missile launcher?.

Help us, get “Crystals”, and become the commander!

“Crystals” is a kind of “premium in-game money”. You can get some during your playing session, or later by buying it. By pledging to one of the kickstarter’s tier, you will also get crystals depending of which one you’ve pledged in!

Become the commander of your own and whole server by using crystals!

They will be used to buy and manage your own official server: When you own a server, all players that will play in it will give you a small percentage of their experience and resources when then complete a mission. Then, use those resources to improve and customize the server’s bunker outpost by adding a lot of stuff, like: Healing bay, scanner, weapon workshop, cosmetics and more!.

The funding will simply allow Rokyte studio to work full time on this awesome project, fill their fridge, and get this game in your hands sooner! (not the fridge, the game).

You can check out “No More Home” On steam right now.

NMH on Steam!

Join them on Discord! JOIN NOW!

We hope you will be charmed by No More Home! We here at Game Geeks News have good hope for it and we want it in your hands!.


Risks and challenges:

No More Home is a video game, made by only two people. They are doing their best and are working hard on the project, but its success mainly depends on the game’s popularity.
If they cannot catch enough people to play the game, it will greatly lose interest and fall into the huge well of the small useless games that have failed before, But Rokyte studio will keep working harder and harder! NMH has got great re-playability potential, it’s up to us to make it happen and support the release of a great game!.







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