Kickstarter Project: Grasslands by Get Lit Games

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Grasslands is a multiplayer, voxel-based, and fully functional game with basic survival game features. They need your support to continue adding new features, new content, and to achieve the stretched goals that they have planned. Although the current characters and art style look great, Get Lit Games would like to get unique artwork – not stock/already publicly available models and sounds that other games may already be using. They need help with other costs like adding the real-time dynamic Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud-based server spawning and other planned technical features that are simply not available for free.

The video above shows a small clip of actual gameplay. It is live gameplay taken from their own game that is built so far. If you get one of the beta reward tiers you will receive access to a playable multi-player game immediately at the end of the Kickstarter campaign in February.

Get Lit Games would love to be able to work on the project full time, to continue and to complete their achievable goals,  add content, new features, and build a game platform that everyone can enjoy for years to come.

Some of the higher tier rewards include Direct Access to members of their team of friendly, creative world builders and game developers. If you are serious about sponsoring the Grasslands project and helping them build the game, then you will get real access to the development team and not just a public forum board to post in.

Get Lit Games will be showing progress with new videos on a regular basis showing features being added to the game as they happen. This type of transparent development process will continue long after the Kickstarter campaign has completed.

The game is voxel-based, and you will start out on one randomly generated via seed, limitless world by yourself – however you are not alone. There will be a game mechanic allowing intergalactic travel and players will have the ability to travel to other worlds.

They set a small goal as a confidence booster for ourselves, to prove that they really are making a game that people will want to play. Help them smash through that goal. Provide valuable feedback while the game is in early development and help build a unique game that fills in the gaps where other games have failed to provide features that everyone wanted.

Although you will be able to jump in and immediately make progress as a casual player, real character progression and character development will be an important feature of the game.  Exploration will be rewarding and you will find new areas with unique biomes and increasing rewards as you venture out further. There will be a significant risk for the greater rewards that you search for when venturing into dungeons.

The publicly available Roadmap URL is linked below:

Everything that is listed on the Roadmap is achievable. Get Lit Games are a new game development studio but have extensive software development experience.

Some examples of existing features:

Multiplayer – any player can host a game (this will be moved into the cloud)
Homeworlds generated by random seed
Save and Load your homeworld locally, and load/reload live while in Multiplayer (in Creative Mode)
Biomes with localized minor effects and ambient sound
Players have left and right hand slots, and it’s necessary to utilize these slots
Crafting Weapons/Armor and Voxel Building features
Compass, Minimap, AI, etc
Planned features:

Share your worlds, give your friends a copy of your world and they can load it (in Creative Mode)
Full Modding Support / Steam Workshop
Spawn publicly available worlds with the click of a button so you can play with your friends on a reliable server – anytime, instantly
Puzzle based, instant intergalactic travel between each player’s homeworld
Cross-world Guild System, as well as local Party/Groups
Unique Weapon/Armor/Tool System
Unique Combat System
Extensive Crafting System
Rogue-like Dungeon System
With proper support, all of these systems are technically feasible and we plan to implement them.


Hopefully Get Lit Games have managed to peak your interest enough to get involved and help them build the game. With your donations they can make Grasslands into so much more than it currently is.

Risks and challenges:
Marketing the game will be a primary challenge. Get Lit Games have a great deal of technical experience and are confident of all of the features, but the single biggest challenge that they foresee is whether or not they can enable cross-platform play between PC/Mac/Linux and Xbox, and possibly PS4 (because of licensing restrictions). Other technical challenges will be the number of simultaneous players per server and dungeon instancing. Completing the initial PC/Mac version and then moving on to the Xbox/PS4 controller input will be another challenging milestone.


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