Kickstarter Project: Fibbers 2 – Playing Cards and a little bit more


A playing card deck with rules for playing Fibbers – a poker style hand-building game that involves only FiBonacci sequence numbers.

Game Geeks News are proud to bring you another amazing project currently running on Kickstarter. Creativ Dave from County Durham, UK is a Creator of Board Games, Playing Card collector and Designer. All of his previous work has been for others so now he thought it’s time to design his very own range of playing cards and games, with the help from kickstarter.

Fibbers is a deck of poker sized cards that can be used for all the regular card games, but when you include the four additional Number One cards the deck is transformed into a Fibbers deck, a game of hand-building in the style of Poker but with the challenge of building hands containing as many numbers from the FiBonacci sequence – 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 – as you can manage to acquire.

As a card and graphic designer, David’s usual work involves requests from customers for custom decks for special occasions. The original Fibbers game was indeed a private commission for a customer who wanted a deck that was themed using aquatic creatures and incorporating the FiBonacci sequence. That original deck of Fibbers was only produced in a print run of 200, of which he is holding the final 90 decks and will be including them in the reward options as a rare bonus.

The original Fibbers was also produced with Cardistry in mind and so the backs contain a repeated shell image as you will see below.

The new Fibbers 2 deck is a uni-directional deck, with Rabbit imagery on the specific Fibonacci sequence cards, but an empty warren entrance on the rest.

So let’s get down to specifics…

There are two colour variations, Greenery and San Marino, representing Day and Night as with traditional decks, thus enabling most if not all regular card games to be played with the Fibbers deck, if you leave out the four additional Ones.

The plan is to produce a maximum of around 500 decks of Fibbers 2 playing cards and unless that is exceeded by pledges, 500 will be the limit of the print run. There are no plans to make this a retail deck, but rather a Kickstarter deck with possibly a few residuals, some of which will be offered for educational use.

The original Fibbers deck was printed in a limited run of which only 90 remain unopened. These have a numbered seal on the tuck running from 111 to 200. No further decks will be produced, so these will be highly sought after by collectors of unusual decks.

The third bonus deck that we’ll come to further down the page, for now we’ll refer to it as the SOS deck, was produced for a local exercise as my first deck produced for Davids partner’s business – Peblsrock – and Davids first deck produced using his own design with the help of professional illustrator Becky Bumble, of whom more later. The deck tells the story of the people involved in the creation and expansion of the town of Seaham. It involves such characters as Lord Byron and his daughter Ada Lovelace, but also the fictional characters from the Pearl and the Pirate series of children’s books. 500 were printed and this will be the limit forever.


This deck is designed for general card play and has no pretence about being a trick deck, a cardistry deck or a marked deck. The specifications for this deck are…

Size: 63 x 88mm with radius corners.

Specification: 56 Cards per pack.

Cello wrapped: Cello wrapping of the deck (not the tuck box)

Material: Heretic 310gsm Smooth Black Cored Playing Card Board.

Printing: Full Colour throughout.

Card Coating: Sealed both sides with regular playing card coating.

Instruction Leaflets : Fibbers game instruction leaflet included.

Tuck Boxes: Full colour printed on 350gsm Zanta Box Board with matt lamination.

Printed in the UK by Ivory.

To explain the origin of these three projects, we need to go back to the original SOS deck, which was inspired by the discovery of an octopus on the beach at Seaham. It was making its way back to the water having been on an excursion, but importantly it meant that the Octopus had returned to our coast. After 150 years of industrial waste from iron foundries and then coal mines being dumped into the sea, along with waste from the many glass factories along the coast, sea life was devastated. With the mines closing, the last of this waste tipping ceased and the sea has been restoring the coast to a more natural state, layer by layer, but it takes a lot of time.

Having designed the Clubs pip for the SOS deck as an octopus, I then created the deck in their honour and to draw attention to the recovery of sea life in the area. It was that exposure that caught the attention of my mystery client, and so the Fibbers project was born.

The original task set for Fibonacci was this. If you put two rabbits into a field, one male and one female, and left them for a year, how many rabbits would you have? Obviously, this is an impossible task, but Fibonacci calculated it in a “perfect” scenario where rabbits never die, can reproduce at a constant rate etc. In other words, it was a Fib!.

So the Rabbit theme represents the idea, and the challenge, but is utterly unrealistic. It does, however, make a very interesting design for the cards, as the sequence begins with 1,1,2 and continues by adding each number to its predecessor. So you have a male rabbit as the Ace (a one) and then another 1 for the female rabbit. The two become a pair – the 2 card – and soon there are three, then five, then eight, then thirteen. To complete the design, flip the card over and you have 21 rabbits!

Full instructions for playing Fibbers are included in the Fibbers2 packs, but weren’t part of the original Fibbers pack, so I shall provide a pdf if required to accompany these original decks.

More information about this project can be found on their kickstarter page, including other card designs.

Becky Bumble is David’s daughter-in-law, which makes him extremely lucky. It means that when he has a need for her imagination, she never lets him down. Becky’s work can be seen on her Etsy shop and in local galleries and shops around Seaham. Her work on their range of children’s books has been amazing, and she was excited to try her hand in the world of playing cards, with outstanding success as you can see…

The specs of these SOS cards are the same as the Original Fibbers deck , using the sure-slip finish for cardistry, and the same card stock and tuck box. However, there is one more feature in this deck that is worth a mention.

As you can see below there are three decks available, primarily a new and colourful deck with a minimalist feel, plus rabbits. Suitable for playing anything from Poker to Snap and designed to appeal to all ages. Numbers will be limited depending on the response to this campaign.

Then there’s the original Fibbers, also minimalist but with a sea life theme. These have never been released, or put on sale, so this is the only chance you will have if you are a collector. Sadly it also means David cannot offer a full brick to cardists, and have divided up the remaining ninety decks available fairly to give enough people a chance to own one or two decks. This deck will NEVER be reprinted or repeated.

Finally, there is also a chance to acquire one of only 500 decks that were David’s first fully in-house project, albeit for his partners business Peblsrock/Peblsart. The cards have been beautifully illustrated by Becky Bumble and are a highly collectable storytelling deck representing the history of the town of Seaham here in the North East of England and no longer a grimy colliery town but emerging as a destination for sea glass hunters and tourists, with a new Marina and a modern shopping arcade known as Byron Place.

In simple terms, something for everyone.

Please pledge and enjoy the ride!.


Risks and challenges:
The only obvious risk would be if the campaign fails, but that’s just the risk of not having the new Fibbers printed, so no risk to others, just to David. Beyond that, there’s always a minimal risk of postal delays as we’ve seen over Covid, but David will ensure that packages are tracked when necessary. While this is his first campaign under his own name, it will be his ninth – the first eight all successful for David’s partner’s business, Peblsrock.





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