Kickstarter Project: 317 Quest


Complete missions and earn prizes with this Real-Life Quest Game

Game Geeks News is proud to bring you another great gaming project currently running on Kickstarter. Anar Seidov, the founder of 317 Quest, has been a fan of adventure films and riddles since childhood. He had an idea to create an application that will give everyone the opportunity to become part of their own adventures and have fun with their loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Probably many of us in childhood loved adventure and enjoyed watching mysterious films, solved puzzles, looked for Easter eggs and had fun. But time flies, and as we grow, take on many responsibilities in our lives.

You probably still remember these happy childhood moments, but what if I tell you that you can remember these feelings any time you want and even share them with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. There is a wonderful world around us that needs to be explored. There are still adventures and mysteries to be solved everywhere.

Anar created the 317 Quest application (iOS) that anyone can play and have a great time with their friends, family and colleagues. Pretty similar to the well-known app Pokemon Go, you pass missions and receive points. There are special missions for which you can get coins that can be exchanged for physical prizes. The app is completely free and includes hundreds of thousands of quizzes in different languages.

317 Quest is an exploration-based application that takes you to places you might have never known existed. What’s better than that? You get points redeemable for actual goods! You can check out the application right now on the iOS app store. The world is your playground. Go get what is yours!

Funding for this Kickstarter will help further develop the application and make it even better. The main risk is lack of content and loss of user interest. Quest games, like escape rooms, keep on constantly feeding interest in the product and updating the content, and if you do not pay enough attention to this problem, then the risk of losing interest will increase. Our team understands this and therefore decided to update the main content every three months.

The second and no less important risk is the lack of the necessary technologies, which can lead to the loss of the user. To do this, we decided to add AR (Augmented reality) and MR (Mixed reality).

By supporting this project from as little as ten dollars, you can help make this gaming project much better and even include some of your very own ideas. Anar is open to any suggestions, so do not hesitate and him with what you would like to see in this application. So be sure to check out this Kickstarter now.


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