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In just two weeks time we’ll all be able to terrify ourselves running away from Xenomorphs on the Switch, as Alien: Isolation gets a December release date on the Nintendo console.

As spotted on Nintendo website and in today’s new trailer below, the game will be available for the Switch from 5th December, and will feature gyroscopic aiming and HD Rumble.

If you’ve never played Alien: Isolation (and you really should because it’s great), the game is inspired by Ridley Scott’s Alien. It follows Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, as she attempts to discover what fate befell her mother.

Obviously, this doesn’t turn out to be as easy as arriving on a space station and simply getting the information she needs, and like dear-old mum before her, Amanda finds herself stranded, being hunted by a Xenomorph.

Alien: Isolation just has one Xenomorph, though if you fancy a bit more of a challenge a modder recently imported eight of the damn things into one level.

We were given a glimpse of Alien: Isolation’s game footage on the Switch last month, which revealed it’ll come with all the DLCs, and the graphics looked pretty good too. Here’s hoping that’s still the case when it hits Nintendo’s console in December.

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