IndieGoGo Project: The Undead Eatery – A Zombie Restaurant Game

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Kessels game studio and 3th game are pleased to announce today the launch of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for their first Game called Undead Eatery. Undead Eatery is a game where you get to operate a zombie restaurant and the main focus for you in the game is to cook and serve normal people all kinds of food. The game sounds simple but trust me is it very challenging and interesting because as you do that, you will get to accumulate money. When you have enough money you will be able to create a special type of dish. But until you get to that point you will have to run a legit restaurant business with its pros and cons.


Once you get to the stage where you can prepare special dishes, you can serve it to your customers and then they transform into zombies. As soon as you do that, you upgrade to a new level of the game. The idea here is that you can guide the new zombie team to attack other player’s restaurants. The objectives of the game are for each player to;

  • Run a legit business
  • Turn people into zombies
  • Remove the competition by attacking other players

The challenge here is to try and be the richest players as you send your zombies to other players and steal their money. The game is very immersive, full of challenges and it offers you a very creative and distinctive set of ideas. If you are very passionate about the idea of running a business, then trying to use your power to eliminate all competition. Unique concept, amazing game mechanics I must say yet easy to play but hard to master.
We have launched an Indiegogo campaign and we need your kind and generous support to reach our goal in no time. We believe that by backing our Campaign on Indiegogo and sharing this good news on your various social media platforms, we’ll reach our funding goal in no time.

Feel free to check out their campaign page at indiegogo for a chance to get your name in the game or become a character in the Undead Eatery game





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