How to unlock Warzone Ghost of War, Scream and Donnie Darko Halloween skins


Warzone’s The Haunting is bringing three spooky operator skins that players can get their hands on. Here’s how to unlock the Ghost of War, Scream, and Donnie Darko skins so you can scare up some fun.

The Haunting event is scheduled to go live October 19 at 10 AM PT and some famous Halloween-themed skins are coming alongside it.

From Scream’s Ghost face to Frank the Rabbit in Donnie Darko, there are terrifying operators coming to Warzone.

While some of these skins have already appeared in the game thanks to hackers, everyone can finally get their hands on them.

How to unlock Ghost of War operator skin

For players that have preordered Call of Duty: Vanguard, you will be rewarded with a new operator skin. The Ghost of War skin can be used in Warzone and Cold War just by preordering the game.

Starting on October 22 through November 2, anyone who preorders Vanguard will receive this operator skin in their menu. Those that have already preordered the game, will receive it as well.

How to unlock Scream operator skin

The Scream bundle is going live on October 19 for all players.

Players that want to play as the popular movie character will need to shell out some COD Points. While no price was given we can look at previous bundles in past events and estimate it will cost 2,400 COD Points.

This bundle includes a “Violent End” finishing move, the “Cordless Phone” weapon charm, a watch, an emblem, and a calling card. Players will also get three weapon blueprints including a knife.

This will be in the store on October 19 when The Haunting is live.

How to unlock Donnie Darko operator skin

Frank the Rabbit will be part of a Donnie Darko bundle during The Haunting.

Much like the Scream bundle, the Donnie Darko Tracer bundle is available starting on October 24.

This bundle features a Frank the Rabbit operator skin and three weapon blueprints, one for a SMG, sniper, and AR. There is also a finishing move, watch, weapon charm, emblem, and a calling card.

Even though no price was given it is expected that this will follow suit of other bundles and cost 2,400 COD Points to purchase.

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