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GTA 6 release date news this week includes the news that Rockstar Games are embracing exciting new services for their latest major games release, which could change things greatly in the future.

There has been no update so far in 2019 regarding the official release date for the next game.

GTA 6 is expected to be one of the biggest game launches in history, whether or not it is released on the PS4 and Xbox One.

And with Red Dead Redemption 2 now heading to PC, fans are wondering what will be coming next from the famous studio.

One of the most obvious candidates is GTA 6, with gamers enduring the most extended wait ever for a new Grand Theft Auto game.

Recent rumours have suggested that an ambitious new project, including several different locations, will be announced in 2020.

However, industry analysts are betting on a launch further out, perhaps arriving a year after the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett hit the market.

But when it does finally arrive, we know that the launch could be very different from what we have experienced in the past.

With Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to Google Stadia, it signifies that big changes are on the way.

Launching a year after the console version of the game, PC gamers will be able to buy it through a digital store like Epic Games or stream it through Stadia.

And with a wait now expected for the next Grand Theft Auto, it’s quite possible that the next GTA 6 game will be playable on a number of different devices.

Google Stadia will be hoping to compete with its rivals, and getting launch parity on a title like GTA 6 will be key.

The days of having to wait to play Grand Theft Auto on PC might be over, especially when you consider that Rockstar has released their own Launcher too.

There’s also the fact that Google Stadia won’t be the only streaming service looking to compete in 2020 and beyond.

Project xCloud run by Microsoft should be up and running by that point and is focusing on bringing Xbox games to mobile phones.

So with Stadia and xCloud, it might even be possible to stream GTA 6 to an Android or iOS device.

And that kind of accessibility for a product like Grand Theft Auto could change everything.

The AAA game market is massive but it’s also held back by the devices needed to run them.

Good PCs are needed to provide the best visual performance, and consoles add an extra expense to a household.

But the new streaming services coming in 2020 could open AAA games up to a massive new market of casual gamers.

A mobile phone screen will not be the best way to enjoy a game like GTA 6, but there will be other alternatives.

And all of this new tech moving forward and becoming more reliable is great news for Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto fans.

Sony will also offer PlayStation Now next year but this is a streaming service limited to PlayStation consoles and PC.

The big question will be whether Rockstar Games and its parent company will be on board to offer a game like GTA 6 on xCloud and other services.

But based on Red Dead Redemption 2 launching on Google Stadia when the service goes live, that should be taken as a good sign.

Fans will want to keep an eye on how Red Dead 2 performs on the Google Service, and if GTA 5 is the next game to make the switch.

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