Grammatical Nonsense: A World’s First for Literacy & Speech Games


The heart-filled and explosively engaging storytelling game for casual and structured play!

Photo courtesy of Pen & Pixel Studios.

Universal design is a concept often touted in accessible gaming circles, but it’s less likely to come up when discussing kids’ learning games.


This weekend, the world’s first universally designed storytelling card game launched on IndieGoGo. Designed for literacy, ESL, and speech therapy, the game features colour-coding, pattern recognition, signalling, and much more to reach and support every player regardless of age or ability.

Called “Grammatical Nonsense,” this uniquely wacky and endearing game targets working memory, executive functioning, attention, and pragmatics, and is designed to build confidence while lowering barriers to social and educational participation.


Like Scrabble pieces, the cards can be used in a thousand ways to suit players’ particular needs, and it comes with a myriad of customizable components and subject-specific add-ons. It’s also well-suited for English-Language Learners of all levels and great for the classroom, living room, or picnic blanket.


During the IndieGoGo campaign (running May 1st – June 15th), every $25 raised above the target goal will result in a free deck for a high-need school, literacy specialist, or student.

The maker is an award-winning writer, designer, and psychology researcher Daniel Kessler, who spent his early childhood struggling through a traumatic brain injury, extreme speech delay, short-term memory impairment, word-finding problems, and a debilitating stutter. He didn’t want other kids to struggle the way he did to find their voice, so he designed a universally accessible and customizable resource for kids who struggle with unique challenges.


To order your own deck, or to support this project and help bring it to the kids who need it most, visit the IndieGoGo campaign before June 15th.


For more information, check out the launch page, download the Practitioners’ Packet (packed with pre-made games and exercises), or email with questions.




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