GoFundMe Project: Let there be Light

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A game created with the hope of bringing a little light into today’s dark world.

Let There Be Light” is a game where the player must get through life while being hounded by many demons. Throughout the game, the player will find Saint Pages and Saint Cards. These items will have a description of a particular saint, and a prayer associated with the saint. The player can ask for the saint’s intercession (or equip the card or page) to gain a new attack or a boost to the player’s stats.

There will be two paths. A saintly path, and an immoral path. Each path will lead to a different ending. The player will come across extraordinarily tough demons on his quest. To remain on the heavenly path, the player must overcome this foe. However, there is an option to skip past the demon, but doing so will lead you to the immoral path. Not all hope is lost though. If the player finds a confessional, he may be returned to the heavenly path.

About the Organiser:
Weston Bridson is a senior at Illinois State University. When not busy with school work, he is either working on this game or at the St. John Paul II Catholic Newman Center on campus. The Newman Center has given Weston so many gifts and graces and it has really helped him to grow both as a catholic and as a man. It has also given Weston a strong sense of calling. As a Catholic, he feels that it is his duty to bring his faith into the world. “Something this beautiful should not be kept to myself”. Due to Weston`s background in technology and gaming, he feels that he could best share that beauty through video games.

Video games have a very unique way of making a story feel really personal, but to Weston`s knowledge, the medium has never attempted to tell a story that focuses on one’s faith. In this game, “Let There Be Light,” he will do his best to bring God to a place where it seems to be forgotten. You can also follow the progress of this Go Fund Me project on their Facebook page.

What Are The Funds For:
The funds raised will go towards the creation of assets such as character sprites, animations, and music. The main purpose of this fundraiser is to ensure a faster production of the game.

Lastly, Weston would like to make it clear that any donation received will be accepted with extreme gratitude. He understands that this money was earned by the work of the donator. Knowing this, he will make sure not to waste a single dollar. Every free moment Weston has will be put into the production of this game.

For more information, and to show your support please visit their GoFundME Page


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