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Gamers are reporting that the first update for Season 11 has been released.

This includes news that Fortnite Mobile is the first platform to receive the big patch, ahead of the Chapter 2 launch.

Epic Games haven’t provided much in the way of details, but it appears the first Fornite updates could be arriving for some gamers tonight.

We’ve seen a new update launch on our own Fortnite Mobile App, but it doesn’t match up with reports of the sizeable 5GB download.

So this could be for an earlier build that we’re catching up with.

If the new Fortnite Season 11 update is starting to roll out, this would suggest that Epic Games are releasing it in waves.

Mobile gamers might be the first to receive the patch, but that doesn’t mean they will also have early access.

There’s reason to believe that Epic Games will wait until every platform has it before turning on servers again.

And there are even reports from data miners that Season 11 might not complete its launch until Tuesday, October 15.

The official Server Status page for Fortnite that is run by Epic Games doesn’t reveal when things will be back up and running.

The only new information being shared is that services are being affected by an unknown “Anomaly”.

Partially Degraded Service is also flagged, and it appears that this will be the only information we will have for now.

It usually takes Epic Games several hours to launch a new Season of Fortnite, and there’s no reason to believe it will take less time for Season 11.

It should also be noted that a new map is expected to be launched with Season 11, meaning it could take longer.

The good news is that Epic Games should provide an update on October 14 regarding its plans.

And this will no doubt be followed by the release of patch notes, Battle Pass news and a new trailer.

The problem is that for now, we don’t know when this stuff is going to happen.

PlayStation sent out a Tweet earlier today, confirming that today’s Fortnite Blackout was planned and that no one will be losing progress.

“Epic is aware of the Fortnite Blackout,” the message from PlayStation reads.

“Please be assured that your inventory items and V-Bucks are secure. Please reach out to Epic for more details.”

Fans are also waiting for more leaks to emerge from data miners who have been looking for answers over the past few hours.

But the biggest news we know so far is that a new map is coming and that the next phase of Fortnite will be called Chapter 2.

This second map will include new points of interest and will also boast new vehicles, like boats.

But the extent of this leak didn’t go past the artwork, meaning we have little else to go on until Epic Games shares something new.

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