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Fortnite fans have discovered a host of leaked skins in the update 8.00 game files.

Fortnite fans will be able to unlock a number of new skins as part of the Season 8 Battle Pass.

But some of the new outfits will be coming directly to the Fortnite shop within the next two weeks.

This includes the male and female Sunflower skins, which have a distinctly rural feel. You can check them out below.

Below that are the Mezmer and Sunbird skins, which will also launch in the shop during Season 8.

There’s also the Carbon Commando and Munitions Major skins at the top of the page.

Fortnite fan Lucas7Yoshi has put together an image of all the new items and skins that were discovered in the update 8.00 game files, which you can see further down the page.

According to Season 8 patch notes, new Battle Royale locations include a huge volcano.

“Explore new points of interest that emerged with the Volcano, such as Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon,” Epic adds.

Then there’s the pirate cannon, which can be used to damage enemy structures or send players flying through the air.

Some fans will also be pleased to hear that planes have been vaulted for Season 8.

The release of Season 8 also coincides with the launch of new challenges, which you can see for yourself below.

Fortnite Season 8, Week 1 free challenges:

• Visit all Pirate Camps (7)

• Search Chests at Retail Row or Junk Junction (7)

• Stage 1 – Deal Damage with a Shotgun and an Explosive Weapon in a single match (2) (HARD)

Fortnite Season 8, Week 1 Battle Pass challenges:

• Visit a giant face in the desert, the jungle, and the snow (3)

• Use a Volcano Vent in different matches (5)

• Get an elimination with a Shotgun, assault Rifle, and an Explosive Weapon (3) (HARD)

• Deal Damage to a vehicle driven by an opponent (200) (HARD)

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