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Fortnite developer Epic Games has shocked (and annoyed) fans by releasing content update 11.10.

Without any kind of pre-release teaser or official announcement, Epic has dropped the new update out of nowhere.

As discovered by Lucas7yoshi and FNBRLeaks, the new Battle Royale update adds the Harpoon Gun to Fortnite.

“So, yes. A Content Update was pushed out at 8am EST (19m ago),” reads a FNBRLeaks tweet.

“This introduces the Harpoon Gun, it does 75 Damage to players and has 10 Shots, acts similar to a Grappler but doesn’t actually include mobility.”

You can see the Harpoon Gun in action with the new gameplay video below.

And seeing as how Epic has given up releasing patch notes, there’s no word on what else the update changes (if anything).

Fans aren’t happy about the stealth release and lack of patch notes, and have complained to Epic about the lack of communication.

Check out some of the best Fortnite update 11.10 tweets below…

“Epic just silently added a harpoon gun to fortnite without saying anything, great communication this season!”

“Okay, Fortnite Team… First not announcing patch notes since Ch.2 dropped, now you can’t do the outmost simplest thing… announce the next updates. Supposed to keep us “up to date” on things.”

“Ok if @FortniteGame isn’t even releasing patch notices. I’m done, this game has been stale sense chapter 2 launched. It WAS fun at first but they took everything that made it fun and just got rid of it.And now they’ve gone to the extent to not even announce patched or patch notes.”

“Wait, they stil don’t do patch notes? Transparent as hell this chapter.”

“Fortnite was doing so good for a min but now pubs are unplayable map is dark af stutters during like every fight no communication on whats going with the game because no patch notes just left in the dark.”

The Harpoom Gun was actually discovered in game files following last week’s initial 11.10 update.

The update primarily revolved around the introduction of the Fortnitemares event, which has just come to an end.

The 11.10 patch also made partying up with friends even easier than before.

This is because players were able to assign nicknames to friends, which are visible no matter how often they change their account name.

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