‘Fortnite’ Fortbyte #24 Map And Location: Where To Find ‘Found In Fatal Fields’


No need to wait until Thursday anymore. Epic Games wants you to play Fortnite every day of the week, even if you’re the sort of player that only shows up for challenges. This season we’ve got Fortbytes, little collectible/earnable microchips that show up every day to give you something to do, eventually unlocking the season’s challenge skin and decrypting what seems to be a somewhat troubling image of Jonesy going mad in the bunker. We’ll have to wait on that, but for right now we’ve got a Fortbyte to find. Here’s where to find Fortbyte 24: “Found in Fatal Fields.”

So, as you might have guessed, we’re going to Fatal Fields. This is one of the game’s oldest points of interest, particularly now that Retail Row and Tilted are out of the game. There used to be a second farm up north: Anarchy Acres. That was razed to make way for a golf course, which was in turn razed to make way for the Jungle Biome. But you’ll find Fatal Fields in the south, in between Lucky Landing and the desrt Biome.

Once you’re there, you’re looking for the main farmhouse. Here’s where you’re going:


Once you’re there, you’re looking for room in the middle of the second floor: the best way to access that is to land on the roof overhanging the porch and whack your way in. The room has a drafting table inside, and the Fortbyte is in the corner. Here’s what it looks like in the game:

So just roll up there and collect it to continue completing your image. That makes 19 Fortbytes in total that you could have collected as of today, but in order to do that you’d have to have lost your mind and managed to place top 10 in a whopping 100 matches, as well as level up your battle pass. Failing that, this is a long haul challenge.

There are plenty of other Fortbytes to collect, so use our list if you’re getting stuck. There will be “at least one” made available every day from now until the ende of the season, and you’ll need 90 to snag the challenge skin.



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