Far Cry 5 Player Builds Realistic Replica of McDonald’s


Hungry for something more than just the same old shooter setting, one creative fan builds a realistic McDonald’s with Far Cry 5’s level editor.

One creative fan of Far Cry 5 has made impressive and tasty use of the Ubisoft Montreal shooter’s powerful level editor, creating a surprisingly realistic replica of a McDonald’s. While gamers have largely moved on from the game in the years since its release, Far Cry 5’s level editor continues to be the source of some impressive player creations.

Released by Ubisoft Montreal in 2018, Far Cry 5 saw the open-world shooter swap out the exotic locales of previous entries in the franchise for the rugged backcountry of rural Montana. Rather than the series’ usual despots and dictators, Far Cry 5 featured the charismatic Joseph Seed and his Eden’s Gate doomsday cult as the game’s antagonists. The game was generally well-received by fans and critics, though some players expressed frustration at the series’ increasingly formulaic gameplay and the lackluster story in Far Cry 5 compared to past titles.

In a new post on the r/gaming subreddit, user mojoswoptops2020 showed off a picture of the shockingly realistic recreation of a McDonald’s they designed using Far Cry 5’s level editor. While gamers may have seen the Ubisoft Montreal shooter’s level editor used to recreate fantastical environments in the past, such as the stunning reproduction of Skyrim’s Riverwood in Far Cry 5, this player creation shows that real-world locales can look just as impressive running in the game’s engine. Featuring the fast-food chain’s instantly recognizable exterior and a fully-modeled interior, mojoswoptops2020’s digital doppelganger of McDonald’s is a sight to behold.

Redditors responding to the tasty Far Cry 5 creation were remarkably impressed with the custom level, with several comments stating that they thought the screenshot was a photo of an actual McDonald’s at first glance. Noting that the interior featured the increasingly-ubiquitous self-order machines found in many McDonald’s, one comment joked that mojoswoptops2020 should link it to the chain’s website so that players could order real food from the virtual store. Taking a dig at McDonald’s notoriously finicky soft serve machines, mojoswoptops2020 responded “This is based on real-life so no” when asked if the in-game machines worked. Eager to give gamers a closer look at his impressive creation, mojoswoptops2020 linked a video in the replies featuring a full walkthrough of the level.

From the broken ice cream machine to the napkins littering the site of a children’s birthday party in the dining area, it is remarkable just how closely this digital McDonald’s matches the real thing. And while it may not feature the otherworldly flair seen in some of the more fantastical Far Cry 5 fan creations, it looks like a great place for gamers to grab some grub while they wait for news about Far Cry 7.

Far Cry 5 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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