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As server status returns to normal, fans will notice that they will need to download a new Fallout 76 update.

And it might be a while before players on consoles can get back into the Appalachian Wastelands.

Bethesda has confirmed that today’s update is approximately 8GB for consoles and 3.5 GB for PC.

Maintenance was officially wrapped up earlier today, and fans can now access new content on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The official patch notes have been released with today’s Fallout 76 update, including new features, quests, challenges, balance adjustments, and a ton of bug fixes.

When it comes to the significant changes made this week in Fallout 76, Bethesda has confirmed that a new faction has been added to the game.

Players can now join the Pioneer Scouts to complete new Quests, Challenges, an Event, and receive their first Backpack.

Much like with the Camera added earlier this year, Fallout 76 players can run through a quest line to unlock a Backpack to increase your carry weight.

Gamers can also apply mods to customise its appearance and add utility options.

Other big changes include the new Personal Vending Machines, which allows players to sell their wares to fellow Dwellers.

These are advertised on the map when they are powered up and provide the game with something more unique.

Fans can also head to Train Stations to turn their unwanted Legendary items into Legendary Scrip, which can be traded to The Purveyor, a new vendor who will arrive in Appalachia on May 16.

Full patch notes for today’s Fallout 76 update can be found below and contains all the major new features that are now available in-game.

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