Fallout 4 Mod Overhauls Stealth Combat, Makes It More Realistic


As more of an action RPG, some feel that the stealth mechanics in Fallout 4 are lacking somewhat, but a new mod aims to improve this feature.

As a series, Fallout continues to enjoy a lot of praise many years after the first game was released. While Fallout: New Vegas is generally considered the superior entryFallout 4 is still regarded positively and in fact is considered to be the last good instalment since the universally panned 76 launched in 2018. Some of this longevity of the fourth entry can be attributed to the modding community, which is always looking for ways to improve the base experience.

Take modder Urania, for example. Recently, they released an add-on for Fallout 4 that aims to overhaul one major, though somewhat lacking, the feature of the game. Called “Stealth and Detection System,” this mod does exactly what it says on the tin. It makes some adjustments to the game’s more stealthy aspects. Essentially, it works by changing the way enemies can detect a player who is trying to be sneaky. Now, instead of every single raider knowing exactly where the vault dweller is, even if they haven’t seen them, the mod makes it possible for players to take out enemies without alerting others.

A video on the mod page shows it in action, and Urania can be seen moving quietly through a building and silently killing raiders. The mod creator did say that they didn’t intend to make stealth easier, just a bit more “realistic.” This could be a good add-on for fans, especially those who feel that the stealth in Fallout games needs to be more viable. The option to sneak around or use a Stealth Boy is present, but some may feel that the series could do so much more with the mechanic. It seems as though this mod offers up a decent solution.

As long as modders continue to put out some well-crafted ideas, Bethesda’s 2015 release can continue to stay in the limelight. Just recently, the Fallout 4 mod “Fallout London” had its demo released. This is a very ambitious project that will turn England’s capital city into a wasteland, complete with new factions.

With Todd Howard confirming Fallout 5 in June, the post-apocalyptic series will be continuing, though obviously, no one knows when this new entry will see the light of day. There are some out there who would perhaps like to see remakes of the original isometric games. In this era of video game remakes, that’s always a possibility, but for now, it looks like Bethesda is more interested in soldiering on with new instalments.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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