Extra Life 2019: How Weird Is It Gonna Get?


Thanks to Hamster for the video!

Kids, huh? Who needs ’em! Well, I’ll tell you who: you and me, buddy, if we want anyone to take care of us when we get sent to the Logan’s Run Assisted Living facility, where everyone is happy and renewed! Let’s help the future programmers of our cyborg overlords fulfill their mission by streaming some video games for the kids this weekend!

Before we get into the details, I wanted to thank everyone who has joined our team this year or has joined our team in the past. You might recall that we passed the million-dollar point during last year’s streams, and we couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone who streams on the Giant Bomb team. We already have over $32,000 towards our yearly goal thanks to these fine team members (shout out to Joshua O’Connor and Friends! for leading the way!) and if you want to join as well, there’s plenty of time to do so! Just sign up and join our team and start streaming anytime you like! And we would also be remiss to not thank Matt Pascual for setting up our team and getting everyone organized every year. Check out his forum post or more details on joining our team, should you be so inclined!

Our own personal Giant Bomb member page is right over here, and we’re hoping to raise $100k as a member and $250,000 as a team this year. Hope you can join us for some of the streams!

Here’s a quick schedule for stuff that you can expect to find in the chatroom for the next week, and I’m really hoping I got the timezone right for all of these because that’s what I always screw up:

Start Time (Pacific Time!) Host
9 AM Wednesday – 9 PM Wednesday Drew/Alexis
9 AM Friday – 9 AM Saturday Giant Bomb West
9 AM Saturday – 9 AM Sunday Will Smith
12:01 PM Sunday – 7 AM Monday Matt Pascual
7 AM Monday – 7 PM Monday Giant Bomb East
7 PM Monday – 7 PM Tuesday Dave Lang
9 AM – 9 AM Either Weds-Thurs or Thurs-Fri or Weds-Thurs Danny O’Dwyer

We have some real “fun” stuff planned for these streams so please do check it out if you have a chance to! You know, for kids!

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