Ending Apocalypse – Co-op Zombie Survival Game


Wander across an apocalyptic landscape or work within a team. The choice is always yours – if you can survive.

Game Geeks News is proud to bring you another great gaming project currently running on Kickstarter. Atlas Age Corporation brings you Ending Apocalypse, which is scheduled to release on Windows first, followed by Mac and Linux.

In just a few hours, the world had changed. Like many, you’re adrift in a city you can no longer recognize. It’s empty, dangerous. Ending Apocalypse gives you a glimpse of this newly-formed reality and allows you to leave the now deserted streets of your hometown. You can already see what awaits you, the years of looking over your shoulder, the end of the zombie apocalypse almost a decade later. However, escaping comes first, either alone or relying on the help of others. But be careful, trust is a rare commodity in this new world. Features of the game include First-person and Third Person modes, a variety of characters to choose from with a wide array of weapons and ammo for different situations. Loot crates spawn to innovate your approach. Up to four game modes: Survival, Objective, Stalked and Battle Royale. 4-6 hour campaigns and more. Visit their Kickstarter campaign for more information.

The following are just some of the load-outs you can search for. Opt for either the largest and most powerful guns or for the quietest ones, allowing you to stealth your way to victory. No two games are alike, it all depends on your approach.

Safe House Weapon Selection
Weapon attachment customization

In each hold-out, you’ll find a randomized objective that will push you to head towards a specific location as fast and swiftly as possible, all while prioritizing stealth.

Search for Canned Food
Stock your medical supplies

Atlas Age Corporation are overjoyed at the possibility of releasing Ending Apocalypse on consoles, however, the release of Ending Apocalypse on the PlayStation Store and on Xbox Games Pass depends on your interest and whether they can reach the fourth campaign milestone. Rewards for backing this Kickstarter include digital copies of the game, early access before the launch on Steam, exclusive supporter survivor characters and a digital soundtrack. You can even become a survivor or become a hungry zombie walker if you would like to pledge more. For a full breakdown of the rewards available, check out their crowdfunding page on Kickstarter.


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