Dragon Age 4 Gameplay Has Leaked To The Internet


Some Dragon Age 4 Gameplay Has Been Leaked

It seems that some early Dragon Age 4 Gameplay has leaked onto the internet, while the game has yet to show any official gameplay from Bioware, the one that is currently making rounds on the internet looks very polished for an Alpha Build, and we hope that the title does get an update sooner or later as the silence on the title is deafening.

Dragon Age 4 Gameplay Leaked To The Internet

According to someone on the subreddit for the game, they were able to get their hands on the Alpha build of the game, which shows two characters fighting – namely Rook and Darvin.

While the full context of this fight is still missing and this is all in the middle of the game presumably, the gameplay portion does look more action-oriented than any other entry in the series, which lines up with an earlier leak WhatIfGaming covered about the game having combat similar to that of Final Fantasy XV.

All in all, Dragon Age 4 is easily one of the few games that EA has held a long silence on, and without any new updates, these leaks are doing all the talking for what we can expect. It’s about time that EA shared an update on the title to help control the leaks, or at least share more details about the title.


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