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While there aren’t lots of reports right now, it appears Destiny 2 is down for some users.

Destiny 2 gamers are reporting issues using the Bungie servers and confirming that they are seeing Tapir error codes.

Bungie did announce that backend maintenance would be conducted today and that this has been extended.

“We are investigating issues causing some Destiny 2 players to receive TAPIR errors,” a message from Bungie reads.

Adding: “Destiny 2 backend maintenance has been extended by three hours. Expected completion is now 5:00 PM PST. Please stay tuned for updates.”

That could mean that tonight’s problems may not end until after maintenance has been completed, which would be in the early hours of Friday morning for gamers in the UK.

Fans have been backing up this report, confirming that Tapir error codes are popping up on different platforms.

One user writes: “I have been trying to log on since I woke up. Pretty frustrating as it is my only day off this week.”

Another adds: “I have a job so I can only play at certain times. My entire guild is on for a raid and I can’t get on because of a Tapir Error Code.

“I’ve also been trying to get the “Satou Tribe” shader which forge is today. Also stupid idea to make it rotating.”

Error Code Tapir is tied to issues surrounding Destiny 2 maintenance and this is likely the reason for today’s outage.

“If you are seeing this error Destiny is likely down for maintenance. To check the status of Destiny, please watch our Twitter feed at @Bungiehelp,” the official Destiny site explains.

“If we are not currently experiencing maintenance, please create a new topic in our #Help forums. Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience.”

Current Destiny 2 maintenance is expected to last until 1am, GMT, on December 6.


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