Check Out These Voxel Renditions Of Structures From The Legend Of Zelda


    We’ve seen many incredible renditions and artistic recreations of classic game locations and spaces over the years. Back in 2016 we saw some areas from A Link To The Past reimagined by a French artist with voxels in place of pixels. Now, a content creation agency has built voxel versions of various Zelda locales from across the series for a home advising website.

    Commissioned by Home Advisor for its Tribute to Video Game Architecture, NeoMam Studios has spoken with Game Informer about the voxel-based reproductions of famous video game structures it was charged with creating. The buildings come from a variety of series including Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls and Final Fantasy to name a few, but it was their work on Zelda structures in particular that caught our eye.

    The pieces vary in scale and intricacy – check out a handful below:

    As Game Informer points out, the primary reason for these dioramas is to attract new people to the Home Advisor site. If they continue to commission things like this, we’ll certainly be visiting it more than we otherwise would. Check out the entire collection on and head over to Game Informer to hear a little from NeoMam themselves.

    Fancy having a few of these 3D printed and sitting on the shelf? Yep, us too. Share your thoughts on these beauties below.

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