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Battlefield 5 fans are counting down to the release of the brand new Tides of War chapter.

Available from January 17, this free Lightning Strikes content update introduces the Battlefield 5 co-op mode.

Playable in squads of four, Combined Arms is said to feature endless variation.

“When it comes to skill and squad play, the new co-op Combined Arms mode gives players the opportunity to work on both, with up to three friends,” EA explains.

“With endless variation regarding objectives, locations, and challenges, players can set their own difficulty levels and work on playing the objective, learning the subtleties of each of the Classes, and how best to work with your squad.

“It’s a perfect place for anyone new to the game to get the hang of the fundamentals or for vets to challenge themselves on hardcore.”

Conquest mode will also be given an update, as EA and DICE streamline the experience in Squad Conquest.

The 8-vs-8 Squad Conquest mode is a domination battle with limited respawns.

“Squad Conquest is an eight vs. eight map domination mode where the defenders start with control of all the flags,” the post continues.

“With limited respawns, they must try to hold their ground against an onslaught of determined attackers or risk being wiped out.”

Rush mode also returns for a limited time as part of the new Tides of War season, as well as a new Grand Operations campaign.

The new Grand Operations campaign focuses on Germany’s attempts to crush the Allied resistance in Belgium. 

Taking place over the course of seven in-game days, the new Grand Operation begins with aerial combat and end with close-quarters fighting.

EA is also introducing a series of Chapter Events, which are described as “sets of challenge trees where you choose your path and work your way toward fantastic rewards”.

This includes weapon unlocks, visual customisations, in-game cash and more.

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