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The latest update for PS4 and Xbox consoles is rolling out today, November 5.

Official patch notes were revealed before the launch and confirm everything being changed in the latest launch.

The big warning today for anyone hoping to jump in and play a quick game or ARK is that the console patches are big.

The download size has been confirmed as 24GB on Xbox One and 22GB on PS4.

But when it comes to what has actually changed with this new ARK Survival Evolved update, the patch notes provide very little.

We know that the new HLN-A Explorer Notes 6-10 for Genesis Chronicles are included, which also means new cosmetic items to unlock.

According to the patch notes, Survivor can now unlock the Corrupted Avatar boots and pants for GC.

The rest of the updates notes supplied by Studio Wildcard reference a few fixes but don’t explain the need for such a large download.

Full patch notes from the November 5 update can be found at the bottom of this article.

In other ARK related news, Studio Wildcard revealed the results from the most recent ExtraLife Charity Event, which also included a few DLC sneak peeks.

Thanking fans for their support, Wildcard revealed that the money raised this year has set a new record for the event, telling fans:

“With the help of our community and ExtraLife team, we raised over $90,906.20 and beat our highest amount raised in 2018 at $76,630.27!

“We couldn’t have done this without the help of our generous community, our amazing sponsors, and our dedicated community who signed up to join our team.

“We gave away over $10K in prizes with items from Discord, AMD, Alienware, season passkeys, and more!

“As with previous ExtraLife events, we take this as an opportunity to share sneak peeks at upcoming content.

“In true tradition, we shared video and visuals from the upcoming Genesis DLC. We’re excited to take you on a new adventure in Genesis and look forward to sharing more unseen content.

“If you missed the event on Saturday and want a sneak peek of Genesis, we’ve created a clip of a recap on Twitch.

“This clip includes the videos and concept art of all the Genesis content that was shared during the event.”

The ARK Genesis expansion was first revealed Studio Wildcard in 2019 as the next major DLC for the popular survival game.

The first part was scheduled to arrive later this year but has now been delayed until early 2020.

The good news is that the new content will only be held back by a month, meaning a new January 2020 release date is now in place.


  • Added HLN-A Explorer Notes 6-10 for Genesis Chronicles
  • Added Corrupted Avatar boots and pants for Genesis Chronicles
  • Fixed issue with DodoRex/DodoWyvern not despawning in daylight for Fear Evolved
  • Fixed issues with moon visibility for Fear Evolved
  • Fixed Deinonuchus spawning issues stemming from Fear Evolved

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