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Anthem has been reportedly crashing consoles, leaving some players having to go through a lengthy reboot procedure to access their or Xbox One again.

EA has shared an update tonight on the issues, which first started being reported over the weekend.

For now, EA is looking into problems affecting PS4 players; however, there are reports of similar issues on the Xbox One.

Here’s one description of the problem from an affected Anthem player on PS4, who writes: “This crash happens at any time/activity done on Anthem.

“I run my PS4 pro, with HDR active, and my PS4 suddenly turns off with the blue light.

“After that, I press the power button, and the first time it does nothing, and when I hit the button a second time, my PS4 starts and a black screen prompt appears, saying there is a memory error that needs to be repaired.

“It takes a moment, and after that, the PS4 starts and asks me to send the error report.

“And I do it each time Anthem makes my PS4 crash. It has happened to me nine times from the 22th of February. Please fix this.”

This doesn’t sound far removed from other issues connected with Anthem bricking PS4 consoles this week.

So far, EA has confirmed that they are looking into the issues and are hoping to find out more about what is causing the problem.

“We are currently in process of gathering information about the PS4 issues so we can determine the root cause,” a message from EA support services reads.

“We’re aware of a crashing issue some of you have been reporting for Anthem. We’re investigating and ask that you share your crash data reports when prompted.”

So far it appears that Anthem is able to make PS4 consoles switch off completely, while other users are reporting more serious issues when it comes to bricking.

If a PS4 console has been “Bricked” that would mean enough damage had been done to render it useless and be unable to turn back on.

It’s unclear just how widespread these issues are and if Anthem is the direct cause of all problems being talked about.

Some players are also reporting getting refunds for their copies of Anthem, having run into issues.

Some players are reporting that they thought their console has been bricked and then were able to run it in Safe Mode and rebuild the corrupted areas.

Here’s another report from an Anthem owner affected by tonight’s problems: “The console powers down and will not power on using the normal method of pressing the PS4 button on the controller.

“It is the same as if someone pulled the plug without properly shutting the hardware down or if the power went out in the house. Sometimes the button on the front of the console works, other times I have to unplug the console then plug it back in.

“Once powered back on the console displays a warning about not being powered off properly and runs a disk check.

“Then once the OS loads it displays a system error reporting page to send the error to Sony. I do this each time.

“Sony should have data on this error from multiple users. Then I can press the controller button and sign back into the PS4.”

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