Adventures of Pip Review (Switch eShop)



One of the biggest crimes a game can commit is being perfectly average. While, for the most part, there is nothing technically wrong with some games, there is nothing that makes them stand out from the crowd. This is the unfortunate middle ground where Adventures of Pip lies. While the game is a perfectly average 2D platformer, it is a completely unmemorable adventure that does little to make an impact on the player.

Originally releasing on the Wii U in 2013, Adventures of Pip tells the story of an average single pixel who gets caught up in a journey to save the princess of the kingdom, Princess Adeline. The princess is kidnapped by the evil queen, aptly named Queen DeRezzia, who aims to turn the entire world into a single bit, giving her the ability to take control of the world.

What sets the plot apart, however, is the not-so-subtle hints of a class structure within the land. Those with a higher bit count have an elevated place in society and constantly talk down to those who are made of 8 or 1-bit. Throughout the game, Pip is constantly patronized by the rest of the cast for being made of only one bit, even though he is the hero of the story. At one point, a group of knights even drop Pip down into the sewers just because of his bit count.

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