A Monster's Expedition review – true charm through puzzle perfection

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I’m a few hours into A Monster’s Expedition now, and I am stuck. I’ve been stuck lots of times already, of course, because that’s the nature of puzzle games – but not this stuck. This one’s a killer: I’ve ended up on an island which looks much simpler than most of the scores of others I’ve been through, but I’m stuck in a sort of micro one-way system that is impossible – I’m telling you, impossible – to get through. You have to push down a tree in a specific direction first – there’s only one direction you can push it from – and then that tree is in the way of the other one I need to use as a bridge to where I’m headed next. But here’s the real problem: I’m not certain this is the only way. On this island is a post box. Post boxes let you fast travel to other post boxes (don’t think too hard about it) and I can tell, on the other side of this little island, there’s much more land. Maybe I’m supposed to go solve another island somewhere else, and get to this one from the other way?

So off I go, teleporting around A Monster’s Expedition’s wonderful not-so-little map solving every last half-puzzle I’d left unsolved. One of these, I say maybe out loud, maybe not, has to be it. One of them needs to get me on a raft, up the top, round the back, to that other island instead of the post box one where I was stuck. I’ve tried that one for hours and there simply cannot be another way. Impossible. Impassable. I’ve spent too long on it and I am not that stupid that I’ve missed something here.

Reader, I won’t tell you the solution but I will tell you this: when in doubt, you are always that stupid.

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