A Challenging New Dice Jumpy Game Hits Android Stores


Dice Jump – Cube Box Jump Game is really interesting and amazing game for Android users. You will be addicted with this amazing game where the endless game play always challenge you to play as long as you can. Tap to bounce the Dice for jump as far as you can through rough area and random heightened bars and just keep bouncing. Make a new high score and challenge your friends to see who the ultimate Pogo master is. You will really enjoy when reach for the skies with this cube jump game. Bounce and jump higher and higher.


How to Play Dice Jump – Cube Box Jump Game:

It is very easy to play. Just click or tap at any screen position to move the Dice. Touch left to do a small jump and touch right to do a long jump to move forward. If you press the Short jump, you earn one point and with a long jump, you earn two points. In the other case, If you jump and miss a white tile platform, and you don’t have any white tile platforms below, you lose. Try to do as many jumps as you can and do not be touched by the big boss wall with spikes coming from the left, continuously, and do not fall by missing tiles.

Features of Dice Jump – Cube Box Jump Game:

– A Complete game with addictive game play
– Flexible procedural of level generation system
– Clean and clear beautiful graphics game
– You can tap high or low jump according to points
– Hundreds of level and endless game play
– Free jumping and bouncing game for everyone
– Easy to learn but difficult to master
– Move to the next level to have more adventure and fun
– Mind sharping game while hitting the ground with right angle
– Most addictive game
– Fly in skies and hit the ground accurately is really interesting
– Optimized for Mobile Devices
– Simple to customize
– Life to continue
– Paper style graphics

In Dice Jump game, you need to jump quickly by tapping and releasing at the right time to keep the game going. As you are making progress, you will find power boosters to jump higher and higher. Great way to kill some down time, and very competitive to play with friends. Dice bounce and jumping game is the result of great expertise in the Android game development and we hope, you will like it and will share with your friends and family. If you have any suggestion to improve this dice jump & bounce game then let us know your feedback as it is very important for us. Be happy & enjoy!





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