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news this week includes some big updates regarding Microsoft’s Game Pass and how successful it could prove for the company.

As many will already know, a lot of companies are trying to put together a solid streaming service for video games.

Microsoft is one of those companies and also has other features that work toward a future service that mimics that of Netflix.

This includes the Xbox Game Pass, which has apparently had a massive effect on video games services for Microsoft.

The head of planning for Game Pass at Microsoft, Matt Percy, has been sharing some interesting facts about the download subscription service.

According to Percy, Xbox Game Pass encourages gamers to enjoy and spend more time playing games – increasing by 20 per cent on average, while the number of different games they play goes up significantly too.

This is coupled with the news that new titles entering the Game Pass see their active base double, while there can also be increases in pre-orders and franchise sales.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Percy revealed: “People are drawn to the biggest brands and the stuff that they know. But with Game Pass we’re really giving them a wider taste and getting people to follow or look at a wide variety of franchises.

“People might come for Halo but then discover they love Ashen. That’s a really good thing for us as a platform”.

“On average we see a 25 per cent increase in franchise pre-orders and a 10 per cent increase in franchise sales coming from games that go into Game Pass.

“And that’s coming from Game Pass members discovering they really love franchises and following along with them”.

That’s a massive win for Microsoft, who have been working on increasing the subscription base by using new features like the Game Pass.

And if these stats continue to prove positive, it would make sense for third-party developers to work more closely with the tech giant in the future.

But Microsoft isn’t the only company looking to increase their game services revenue through new gaming features.

Sony has their PlayStation Now game streaming service, which now includes new options that allow some games to be downloaded and played.

This is a recent change, possibly made in connection with the successful launch of the Xbox Game Pass.

And it certainly sounds like Sony PlayStation are ready to experiment further with new services in the future.

PlayStation’s Shawn Layden told Game Informer that the PS Now service could be just a hint at what’s to come, telling the magazine:

“I think we have learned a lot of lessons about what, at our core, are we trying to convey or represent. And how do we take whatever that new technology is or service – and sometimes even new genres of game – how do we tell the story that gets you, the fan, excited or interested?

“We have to tell the story, not of why streaming is cool, but why you should care. What is it about having a streaming service like PlayStation Now that differentiates it from your other gaming experiences.

“Certainly I think one of the big benefits of PlayStation Now is its ability, on my PS4, to play the PS3 catalogue.

“One of the terrible circumstances of our gaming industry is that every time we launch a new console technology, we sort of put the last generation to bed. That doesn’t occur in movies. That doesn’t occur in music, but it occurs all the time in games.

“But PS Now is a way where all of a sudden you can bring back to life an entire PS3 catalogue though your PS4, through the streaming technology. It’s kind of new, kind of different. You can see what that would suggest for the future, so I think that was a good experiment. Maybe we didn’t explain it enough to really illustrate why it should be important to you.”

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