Warzone player turns a Juggernaut into a human Predator Missile to kill a chopper


A Warzone player has used both the Juggernaut killstreak and a Jet-Ski to blast them into the sky and destroy an enemy chopper.

Call of Duty’s Warzone 2 has been impacted by bugs since it was first released, from less harmful glitches to more impactful bugs.

In August, Modern Warfare 2’s battle royale mode was negatively impacted by a game-breaking bug that knocked down players in the pre-game lobby that carried on when the match actually started. This particular glitch has since been officially fixed by the developers Raven Software.

However, a player has found an ingenious way to use a range of different things in Warzone to create a wild trick that allows players to be launched into the sky and take out enemy helicopters.

Warzone player becomes a human Predator Missile to destroy a chopper

A user posted to the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit with a clip stating it was “The coolest thing I’ve ever done on CoD.”

The clip shows the player using the Juggernaut killstreak standing on the back of a Jet-Ski, while one friend drives it and another uses their own transport chopper underneath as a way to ingeniously launch them into the sky.

As the player flies all the way past the enemy chopper and leaves the combat area, they then fall and purposely launch themselves towards the chopper where it explodes on impact.

The coolest thing I’ve ever done on CoD: Launching a Jet Ski to the heavens and divebombing through the enemy chopper to destroy it… as a Juggernaut.
byu/PoGoRaiding inModernWarfareII

Comments have since flooded in praising the video, “This is it, the hardest clip of MW2,” one said.

“This is unbelievable. How do you even come up with this,” a commenter said.

“Holy fucking sh*t! Feels like I’m watching a Mission Impossible movie. Well f*cking done,” another said.

It was made possible via the Juggernaut killstreak, which is dropped onto the map via a care package, where once activated the player’s health is increased making them almost invincible.

Warzone players have become increasingly frustrated as players have continued to be banned for voice chat messages, meanwhile, actual cheaters have been left unbanned.


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