Video: Brain Training On Switch Has A Neat Super Mario Odyssey Easter Egg


This week, at least in Europe and Japan, marks the first major release of the year. In case you forgot, it’s Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch. You can either pick it up digitally or purchase it in-store with a stylus. Like previous iterations, this one is all about training your brain over a prolonged period of time, with short and easy to understand exercises.

Of course, it’s still a Nintendo game, and that means there are a few neat little video game references here and there. One of the more interesting discoveries so far, that you may not necessarily find yourself, is a neat Super Mario Odyssey Easter egg.

As explained in the GameXplain video above, if you only manage to reach walking speed in one of the mini-games, there’s no need to be down and out about it. Instead, why not try tapping on the little stick character walking across the screen. If you do, you’ll hear it whistle the song ‘Jump Up, Super Star!’ from Mario’s 2017 outing on Switch:

If you’re hanging out for Brain Training and happen to be located in North America, your only option at this point in time is to purchase a digital copy (from another region) or import a physical copy from Europe or Japan. Else you’ll just have to stick with Nurse Love.

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