Today’s Fortnite patch adds snowmen disguises •


Fortnite has added a Sneaky Snowman disguise in today’s patch to fit in with the battle royale game’s ongoing winter event.

Unlike the legendary bush item, the snowman provides you with an additional shield while worn, although it will require you to actively wear it at all times. You cannot don the costume, then go about shooting or building. It’s high risk, high reward – the way battle royale games are melt to be.

With one hand Epic gives, but with the other Epic takes things away. Today sees the retirement of several favourites into the game’s mythical vault. Thank you for your service, Port-a-Fortress, Grappler and Quad Rocket Launcher, you will be missed.

Vehicle spawn rates have been reduced, small and large shield drop chances swapped, and there’s a new Sniper Shootout limited-time mode.

There’s no mention of a buff to golden zombie spwan rates though – the current top-requested change on reddit, and very much needed to complete the current crop of winter challenges. Epic pls.

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