The Sims 4 Adds Surgery Scars, Hearing Aids, And Binders


This week’s update adds more ways for players to accurately mold Sims in their own image.

You’d think after the fourth game in the series had been on the market for eight years, The Sims devs would be all out of ideas when it comes to new content. Not the case. This week’s update adds some new and important ways to customize your Sim that weren’t there before, including hearing aids and top surgery scars.

Reported by PCGamesN, this week’s update aims to further allow players of The Sims 4 to mold their in-game characters in their own image. Hearing aids, which can be added to Sims from toddler age and up, come in 15 colors and can be added to either or both ears. The update also introduces glucose monitors for Sims child age and above which can be attached to your arms or your body.

Teenage and older male Sims can now have scars from top surgery added to their appearance, and a variety of shapewear, including binders, has been added to the game’s massive wardrobe. Binders can be found under the tanks category, while shapewear has been filed alongside the rest of the game’s underwear.

This week’s update also adds light switches to the game. Yes, somehow that’s an item that has fallen under the radar for more than eight years. As the description suggests though, these switches aren’t functional. They’re simply there for cosmetic reasons since light switches are a key component of any home. Not the functional switches some Sims players were hoping for, but better than nothing.

Hopefully, enough people read about this update and the addition of hearing aids and light switches aren’t items that don’t get used. The sheer number of items and details added to The Sims over time means some have slipped through the cracks. The ability to customize your Sim’s phone, for instance. Despite having that option for six years, some players only discovered their in-game phones don’t have to be boring grey blocks a few days ago.


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