The Community Spotlight 2019.11.09

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week as we look back on the best creative offerings from the community. Obviously, last weekend marked the “peak hours” of Giant Bomb’s participation in Extra Life 2019. Through the sometimes drunk-laden madness, the Giant Bomb account alone was able to raise over $88K, and the team as a whole raised over $213K! Giant Bomb’s Extra Life account still has a ways to go to its individual fundraising goal of $100,000, but you can expect more “impromptu” streams in the future. For example, Mr. Rorie has stated he plans to host a more “formal” stream sometime latter in the month. Additionally, don’t forget, Extra Life 2019 does not end until December 31st! If you were unable to stream or donate, you still have plenty of time! Speaking of which, let’s jump into the site-related housekeeping as much of it has to do with Extra Life!

Extra Life 2019

Congratulations are in store for Giant Bomb being on the front page of Extra Life as the third biggest individual donor!

As mentioned earlier, you have until DECEMBER 31st to donate to any accounts on Giant Bomb’s Extra Life team! If you recall last week, I’m challenging the Giant Bomb community to guarantee every user on the team has at least one donation! Come on everyone, let’s spread some $1 joy!

Giant Bomb Galleria

Santa Bomb and Bomb Fieri (By: @SeriuzBiznus)

Over on Twitter, SeriuzBiznus made a couple of chat emotes for the Unofficial Giant Bomb Discord. One of these bombs has a Santa hat and the other is an abomination straight from the pits of Hell.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Burgle My Bananas Sketch(By: @morehandclaps)

By far, Burgle My Bananas continues to be the most drawn and sketched video series from 2019. This week, morehandclaps tried to capture the child-like whimsy of Dan with the soul-crushing exasperation of Abby.

No Caption Provided

Midnight, the Stars and You – Burgle My Bananas Edition (By: @tole_cover)

Twitter user tole_cover felt like combining their favorite Stanley Kubrick movie with Burgle My Bananas using Photoshop, and I think we can all agree the result is a success by a wide margin!

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Tweets Of The Week

Community Activities

Don't shake the baby.
Don’t shake the baby.

Death Stranding Asynchronous Co-op Thread (By: @scottg13)

So, it appears Death Stranding has some form of an asynchronous co-op feature and this is the thread to use if you’d like another Giant Bomb user to join you in checking it out.

Clips Of The Week

Let’s Open Up… THE FUNKY SHOP!! (By: @jeremym)

jeremym is back and this week has a video that proves how “professional” an operation Dan is running when hosting episodes of the Burgle My Bananas video series. Truly, Dan’s production and hosting skills would make Gene Rayburn proud.

Best Of Blogs

I was always a Red Bull person myself.
I was always a Red Bull person myself.

Death Schadenfreude-ing (By: @notnert427)

Giant Bomb user notnert427 wrote a blog discussing why they found it virtually impossible to objectively review Death Stranding, especially when it came to giving the game an associated score.

Indie Game Of The Week 145: Gato Roboto + Mento’s Month: October (By: @mento)

As to be predicted, moderator Mento is back this week with a couple of blogs worth reading. First, they looked at Gato Roboto for the latest episode of their “Indie Game of the Week” series! Give their blog a read discover how they felt about the minimalist Metroidvania action-adventure game. Second, they annotated the highs and lows of their October in terms of video games.

There's been a lot of positive and negative buzz surrounding Outer Worlds.
There’s been a lot of positive and negative buzz surrounding Outer Worlds.

A Few Words About Hollow Knight (By: @humanity)

Humanity spent a good deal of time playing Hollow Knight and uses their latest blog discussing how the sheer depth of the game’s content rubbed them the wrong way.

Hell or High Water: The Storytelling Of Heavy Rain (By: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152 continues their retrospective on the history of Quantic Dream with a very deep dive on 2010’s Heavy Rain. On this blog they look at the developer’s notion of “cinematic” games, the worth of QTEs, weaknesses in games criticism, and a lot more.

Not So Outer This World Experience (By: @mooseymcman)

MooseyMcMan played Outer World and shares why their impressions of the game could be described as “anemic.” Use the link below to discover why they think it is not the great Fallout-style game they’ve been waiting for.

I’m Streaming For Extra Life One Week Late; Here’s The Plan, And Why YOU Should Join! (By: @zombiepie)

Wait a minute, THAT'S ME! If you have enjoyed the Spotlights, please donate to my Extra Life account!
Wait a minute, THAT’S ME! If you have enjoyed the Spotlights, please donate to my Extra Life account!

Giant Bomb moderator ZombiePie will be streaming for Giant Bomb’s Extra Life team all throughout the week and you can read their blog on why they need your help raising money for the hospital that once saved their life.

Join The Discussion

Have you had fun with this Yokai killing beta?
Have you had fun with this Yokai killing beta?

How Do You Pronounce Mario? (By: @billmcneal)

Here’s a community poll I never knew I needed until now. Trust, readingthe user response to the poll topic is worth the price of admission alone.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Community Discussion Thread (By: @bwheeeler)

Have any of you checked out Luigi’s Mansion 3? If you have, feel free to share your thoughts about the game with the rest of the Giant Bomb community using the link above!

How Do You Feel About Diablo IV? (By: @casepb)

Following the reveal, what do you make of the changes to Diablo IV? Do you support the game going open world or do you think going that route is a front to the main appeal of the franchise? Is calling the game MMO-lite fair? Share your two cents’ worth by clicking the link!

Hasn't Diablo always been an MMO-lite in heart?
Hasn’t Diablo always been an MMO-lite in heart?

Anyone Playing The Open Beta For Nioh 2? (By: @acura_max)

Have any of you run the Nioh 2 beta through its courses? If you have, what are your early impressions of the game? Do you think it is different enough from or too similar to the original?

Predict 2019’s Winner Of Biggest Disappointment at GOTY (By: @alias)

This week, a thread debating the presumptive winner of Giant Bomb’s 2019 “Biggest Disappointment” divided the community. Feel free to join the fun using the link above!

Which Game Have You Been Most Disappointed By This Year? (By: @liquiddragon)

which game or games disappointed you the most? Was it an over-hyped indie game that did not meet your expectations, or a AAA title that had launch issues? Or how about a multiplayer-only game that lost its community?

Again, many thanks to the guests who showed up during the many Giant Bomb Extra Life streams!
Again, many thanks to the guests who showed up during the many Giant Bomb Extra Life streams!

Most Creative Games of 2019? (By: @jeremyf)

As you can see at this point, GOTY discussion threads are starting to crop up on the forums every day. This thread as you to think about and discuss the game that features the greatest amount of “innovation.” While a bit nebulous, which game do you think “pushed the envelope” the most?

Which Last Gen Game Would You Most Like To See On The Switch? (By: @liquiddragon)

While request a game be ported to the Nintendo Switch has become a bit of a “meme,” can you think of any games from the previous generation of consoles you think would greatly benefit from being playable on the Switch? Share your game pick and discuss how you would want the port to control with the community!

Lovable Lists

Games of the Decade (2010s) (By: @mento)

Mento plays a decent number of video games every year, and thus, trying to create a list annotating the best games from a decade is no easy task. However, they managed to do just that for the 2010s!

Useful User Reviews

How “limited” is the anime?
  • @vrkobold‘s review of The Outer Worlds discusses how the game isn’t short on “engagement,” but is lacking in the “innovation” department.
  • @d_w‘s Code Vein review doesn’t only defend the game, in it, they explain why they feel calling it “anime Dark Souls” is unfair.

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