The Best SVA 545 Loadout in Modern Warfare 3


Stack up the kills by using this SVA 545 loadout.

The SVA 545 is one of the best Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 3 due to its high damage and fire rate. That is why we will show you the Modern Warfare 3 best SVA 545 loadout.

We will show you how to turn this AR into an absolute beast thanks to all the attachments and gear. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started with the Modern Warfare 3 best SVA 545 loadout.

Gun SetupClass Setup
Ammunition: 5.45 High GrainSecondary: Striker SMG
Stock: Markeev R7 StockVest: Overkill Vest
Muzzle: FTAC Castle CompGloves: Marksmen Gloves
Magazine: 45 Round MagBoots: Lightweight Boots
Rear Grip: Demo 650 GripGear: EOD Padding

Gun Setup

Having a good loadout for each weapon is crucial. This SVA 545 loadout will allow you to enhance its recoil control and deal more damage to higher HP enemies.

Plus, you’ll have more control over your weapon due to which getting kills and aiming precisely becomes easier.

Ammunition (5.45 High Velocity)

The 5.45 High-Velocity rounds are designed to increase Bullet velocity, allowing for greater recoil control, while slightly decreasing the damage. These are my favorite, as the base damage of the SVA 545 is already great.

Stock (Markeev R7 Stock)

This stock is optimal for the SVA 545. It offers better gun kick control, movement speed, firing aim stability, and sprint speed. It will allow you to go for an aggressive build without any issues.

Muzzle (FTAC Castle Comp)

To have an even better recoil control, use the FTac Castle Comp. It will help you with the recoil control and overall stability of the SVA 545. This is a good attachment if you like an aggressive playstyle.

Magazine (45 Round Mag)

Having an increased magazine capacity will assist you greatly as you can continuously run around without having to reload after every kill. This will also indirectly give you more damage as you can keep firing without stopping.

The only downside is that it reduces your handling a bit but the benefits outweigh the risks.

Rear Grip (Demo 650 Grip)

The Demo 650 Grip allows you to have better recoil control so that your aim is more stable. While your mobility will be slightly affected, the rest of the attachments and equipment will help you balance it.

Class Setup

With this setup, you will use two primary weapons: one for short-range (the Striker SMG), and one for mid/long-range (SVA 545). Your reload and mobility will increase, allowing for greater loadout control.

As far as the lethals go, you can use the Frag Grenade as it will help you get a few extra kills.

Secondary (Striker)

Carrying the Striker SMG is a good option due to its high fire rate and damage in close combat. You will want to switch to your SMG if the enemy is close to you so that you can take gun fights with them instead of relying on your AR.

While you can get a shotgun like the Lockwood 300, I prefer using SMGs with the SVA 545.

Vest (Overkill Vest)

While using the SVA 545, I like having the ability to have another primary weapon instead of a secondary one. This allows me to carry a short-range weapon to make up for the relatively slow fire rate of the AR.

Gloves (Marksman Gloves)

Having these gloves will reduce recoil after every shot as your character will flinch less. Using snipers like the MCPR-300 or FJX Imperium will benefit a lot with these gloves.

However, you can even use it with your ARs and have improved aim. I like using the Marksmen Gloves with the SVA 545 so that my aim is precise.

Boots (Lightweight Boots)

As the name suggests, these boots are lightweight and allow you to quickly move around the map. This gives you ample time to reposition.

Plus, if you are like me, you’ll move around the map and play aggressively thanks to all the perks and attachments.

Gear (EOD Padding)

Running and gunning can be quite fun but it comes with a few risks. Chances are that you’ll be hit by random explosions or fire. To reduce their effect, you can use the EOD Padding and have more sustainability.

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And there you have it, that is the Modern Warfare 3 best SVA 545 loadout and class setup. the SVA is a great AR in MW3. Having the ideal loadout will allow you to perform even better and enhance this weapon a lot.

Hopefully, this guide helped you find the ideal loadout for the SVA 545. If you have a better loadout that you are using, let us know in the comments below!


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