Sumerian Six lets you fry Nazis using science and the occult


The new game from Artificer and Devolver Digital launches in 2024.

Artificer and Devolver Digital have revealed Sumerian Six at the PC Gaming Show 2024, with a flashy trailer showing off Nazi-smashing magical combat, and dazzling pseudo-science. As announced, Sumerian Six is a WWII-set alternative history combat game, with real-time tactical stealth mechanics.

You control the “Enigma Squad” – a group of heroes who wield forbidden, arcane, and occult sciences to fight back against the Nazis. Importantly, one of these heroes is a Werebear. You can head into battle armed with an “occult-scientific weapons” and you can also transform into a bear to cut down your enemies. You’ll also uncover ancient Sumerian artefacts in your travels, with these shaking up the balance of power, and allowing you to forge a brighter future.

As you travel, you’ll face off against “heavily armed, mutated, and supernaturally charged forces” in the form of regular Nazis and Nazi demons, all of which must be defeated to save the world. Each will be more powerful than the last, so you’ll need to wield your skills well, taking advantage of stealth opportunities to cross Nazi strongholds and earn the opportunity for first attacks.

For a comparison there are elements of XCOM / Marvel’s Midnight Suns in the game’s flavour with an added dose of real-time stealth allowing for more dynamic, choice-based decisions on the battlefield. Plan your route through each arena well, and you’ll maximise your devastation – but you’ll need to watch out for threats at every turn.

When does Sumerian Six release?

As announced, Sumerian Six is set to launch for PC in 2024. For those wishing to get a taste of the project early, a demo focussed on combat and exploration is available now.

Stay tuned for more details on Sumerian Six, and other games announced during Summer Game Fest 2024.

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By Leah J. Williams 10 June 2024


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