Space Craft Galaxy: Galaxy Shooter 2020


? Space Craft Galaxy, Space Flight Galaxy Shooter is an addictive arcade (Mobile) game. In this game, one plays as a spaceship driver whose mission is to survive all the enemies’ attacks from above.

So, are you ready to get your hands on this adventurous journey of saving your galaxy from enemies’ attacks? Because, you can!!!

By saving your Space Flight Galaxy Shooter from enemies’ attacks will help you score more and better.

One more adventurous thing in Space Craft Galaxy is that you can play this game online with your friends and have more fun by destroying the enemies’ spaceships altogether.

Never miss the objects in the game which can add more power to your Space Craft i.e. to increase the bullets four times. However, save your Shooter from the firing spacecrafts from above.

Never forget to add more lives by taking a heart shaped object coming from above.



? ? Modes in Galaxy Shooter – Space Shooter ? ?
? ? There are two modes in Air Space Craft Galaxy Shooter Game ? ?
In play mode: You can play single player game in the galaxy where you can destroy the oppose space craft lonely
Online mode: You can play it with friends online to enjoy the gang space war to show your warring skill as a galaxy shooter

? ? How to Play Galaxy Shooter – Space Shooter ? ?
? To shoot and destroy air space craft, just tap the screen.
? To move your space craft go forward, left, right and back, just move your finger on the screen
? Protect yourself form fire and move forward to achieve new levels
? Touch screen to move and kills invaders.
? Protect yourself from objects to continue playing

Modern HD Graphics
Artificial Intelligence modes
Online mode, multiplayer mode
Variety of spaceships





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