Solve puzzles and escape from prison! Prison Noctis releases today!


Arrested on false charges, the heroine makes use of tools at her disposal to uncover the truth!

CTW Inc. is pleased to announce the global release of the latest game on G123, Prison Noctis. Prison Noctis is an escape game set in prison and chockful of thrills and mysteries. Merge items to make new tools and solve puzzles in this easy-to-play online browser game.

■Me, a criminal? Uncover the secrets from within!

The game begins with a worst-case scenario come true: the heroine is charged with murder and thrown behind bars. But why her? Who is the real culprit? In a prison shrouded in mystery, explore bit by bit and keep the story going.

■Easy-to-play merge puzzle game, even just 5 minutes daily!

Merge the same items to make new tools. Items needed to clear stages will vary, so keep merging items and aim to unlock more new, unexplored areas. There are over 1000 puzzles within the prison. Have fun solving them every day!

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By CTW Inc. 4 July 2024


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