Slo-Mo Rockets is an Addictive and Endless Space Arcade Game for Android Devices


The high-quality graphics, easy to learn game play, endless missions, cool sound effects, and smooth animations, are just a few reasons that make this arcade game your #1 choice when it comes to finding the best rocket control games.

Slo-Mo Rockets is an addictive and endless arcade game in which you get to control a tiny rocket and your objective is to go as far as you can without ever hitting an obstacle. While the rocket is automatically going up, you need to tap on the screen to slow the rocket down and make sure it goes through the obstacles and throwing arrows safe and sound. It’s an endless journey, though.
So, if you are into such endless running games and looking for slow down running game, download Slo-Mo Rockets for free on your Android device and have fun controlling the automatically moving rocket and see how far you can go.

An endless and addictive slow down run game for Android
Slo-Mo Rockets, the free arcade game for Android, comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly and the game play is so easy to learn that you will get the whole idea without having to go through a complex procedure.




Why don’t you give this endless arcade game a try?
Download Slo-Mo Rockets for free on your Android phone or tablet, be fast and precise when controlling the tiny rocket and go as far as possible without being hit by the attackers and obstacles.
Stay tuned and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.





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