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Fortnite Save the World is being updated later this week, and Epic Games has announced some of the changes planned.

PS4, Xbox and PC players have been given early patch notes for update 7.40, giving them a glimpse of what they can expect.

This was posted by Epic Games earlier this week but doesn’t tell us everything.

There will probably be some additional bug fixes and other technical tweaks made by the development team.

But for now, this is what we know is coming as part of Fortnite Save the World update 7.40:

  • AFK Idle Improvements – The first iteration of improvements to the AFK system
  • Seasonal Gold Cap Removal – Removed the Seasonal Gold cap
  • Yeoman Sniper Rifle – Single Shot, High Damage Sniper Rifle
  • Dragon’s Fist (Returning) – Hammer that deals fire damage with a high knockback

The new AFK improvements are part of wider effort to try and make the current player reporting system work better.

Bugs are being removed that caused problems in the past, including notifications that inform players that their reports had been received not going out.

A part of the new AFK system will see a new warning message pop up when a player is detected not to be contributing.

This is one of a series of new updates being made by Epic Games during February 2019.

A recently released roadmap confirms that the final Frostnite Challenge will be released next week, while the new Hero loadout system will be going live before March.

The Seasonal Gold cap removal is another big change that will no doubt prove popular with fans.

“We also wanted to acknowledge that we appreciate a lot of the well-thought-out feedback from the community regarding concerns with Seasonal Gold, the Hero Loadout system, and the inability to make smart choices due to a lack of information,” a message from Epic Games confirms.

“We’re taking a look at some possible changes with Seasonal Gold, starting with the removal of the gold cap in v7.40.

“Additionally, as stated above, we’ll be adding a way to pick up some of the event Heroes that you’ve missed.”


Fortnite Save the World servers are going down tomorrow, February 13.

This is to make way for the new update, which is set to be released straight after scheduled maintenance is completed.

The process will begin at 9am, GMT, meaning fans won’t be able to access online servers for a short period.

Epic Games has not said how long Fortnite maintenance will take, but we do know that full patch notes will be shared as servers go offline.

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