Rust: All CCTV Camera Codes (& How To Use Them)


Finding and using the CCTV Camera Codes in Rust can be very useful. Here’s a look at every one of them.

Survival is the primary objective while playing Rust. Gamers will need to use every available method to shore up their defenses and protect against enemy raids. Having a live camera view of several areas on the map will help people plan strategic movements and identify opposing players roaming the map.

There is a way for people to use the CCTV cameras in Rust to monitor the areas around the monuments on the map. To use these cameras, players will need to have a computer in their base and have the appropriate access codes. This guide will cover how to get a computer, as well as how to access every CCTV camera on the map.

Over the years, survival games have become harder to play, especially with the addition of multiplayer features. Some games within this genre have even gone beyond the common tropes of most survival games and feature some of the scariest post-apocalyptic scenarios in the gaming industry.

Rust continues to be one of the most popular survival games in the gaming community because it throws players into an unforgiving environment where they’ll need to fight against wildlife, environmental hazards, and other players. CCTV Cameras can give players a sense of awareness of other players, but with the addition of the Underwater Labs, players must learn a whole new set of codes while learning how to survive in the depths of the ocean.

Getting A Computer Station

Survivors will need a computer station in their base to gain access to the CCTV cameras in Rust. Players will need to find a targeting computer before the station can be created. Targeting Computers are not craftable and can be found in loot crates, airdrops, and the crash sites of attack helicopters. Once the Targeting Computer is acquired, gamers will need to find High-Quality Metal Ore. The best way to find the ore is by using a Mining Quarry. It is nearly impossible to find High-Quality Metal Ore from rocks after the 2017 update lowered the chances of finding the resource when mining.

Players that have the Targeting Computer and 5 High-Quality Metal will need to pick up an RF broadcaster and RF receiver. Researching the Computer Station will cost 75 Scraps. With their items and Workbench level 2, survivors will be able to craft the Computer Station. The Outpost now sells the stations for 300 Scrap, but, at this point in the game people likely have most of the items needed to craft it.

Using The Computer Station

The Computer Station will need an ID before it can be accessed. Players can create an ID by right-clicking on the station and selecting to set the ID. The ID is the password for the station, so it may be a good idea to write it down. It should be noted that gamers will need a power source such as a Solar Panel, Small Generator, or Wind Turbine. These items can be found in elite military crates. Batteries to store power are also found in military crates. Additionally, players will need the following items, which are found in regular and military crates:

  • Wire Tool
  • Splitter
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Switch

Once the station is mounted, it will display the cameras set up by the user when the ID is entered. Gamers and their teams will be able to set up a complex security system in their base by placing cameras in strategic locations. In order to access the community CCTV cameras, survivors will need to enter the appropriate codes for each. Cameras in Rust have sound as well, making them even more effective tools.

Monument CCTV Cameras And Codes

Monuments in Rust have several CCTV cameras that can be accessed from the Computer Station. These cameras provide multiple different angles and vantage points from the monuments. Being able to access them provides players with a marked advantage when planning to travel near one of these locations. The monuments are areas in Rust with the best loot, but also the most traffic. Going into these high-volume areas blind is a dangerous proposition. Using the codes below is a game-changer when trying to survive in Rust. Aggressive PVP players can use them to scout the map for potential targets. Below are all of the monuments and their respective broadcast names or CCTV codes.

  • Bandit Camp: TOWNWEAPONS and CASINO
  • Dome: DOMETOP and DOME1

Underwater Labs

With the addition of the Ocean environment, Rust players had to learn how to survive in the vast open water. And even though exploring the deep blue sea is risky, players can come across Sunken Chests and Boxes, which hold riches beyond their wildest dreams. Players can also find Underwater Labs with valuable resources to help craft unique and powerful armor or even essential building materials.

But, before a player can think about reaching the Underwater Labs, they’ll need to craft various items that will let them stay underwater longer and help them navigate the area to find the CCTV to input the camera codes. For starters, players will need to find a Diving Tank, Diving Mask, and Diving Fins inside crates near the beach, or players can reach this area with a Submarine if they’re lucky enough to have found one.

Once equipped, players must dive into the water (either with the diving equipment or a submarine) and look for an underwater structure. Once inside, players will need to find a Keycard to open the Underwater Lab’s CCTV Station Module since the final 4-digits of these Rust camera codes are randomly generated. With those 4-digits, players can now input the correct code to the corresponding CCTV camera.

  • BRIG
  • LAB

By accessing these cameras, players can check if there are any other players in the area or if someone has left a nasty surprise in the form of a trap. Players should also remember that not every Underwater Lab Monument will have CCTV Station Module. Entering an Underwater Lab without a CCTV Station can be extremely dangerous since rival players may be waiting to kill or kidnap unsuspecting players.

Installing Base Cameras

Survivors will need to gather several cameras from military elite loot boxes before setting up their personal security system. With a few of them in hand, the process of placing the cameras is simple enough. The cameras can be mounted to the walls of a base on the inside or outside. After placing the camera, gamers will need to connect the camera to a power source. Five Rust volts is enough to power one camera.

Currently, the cameras are stationary, so players need to make sure they are facing the desired direction. The placement and angle of the camera can be adjusted using the hammer. The only other step is to link the camera with the Computer Station ID. Gamers can place as many of them in a base as they desire, and they can be accessed from any Computer Station with a linked ID.

Additionally, players can use unwanted CCTV cameras to craft Auto Turrets which can ward off any invader. But, survival fans will also need a Targeting Computer and 10 High-Quality Metals. Auto Turrets are among the best defensive traps players can use for their base, but they’ll need to make sure to place them areas that aren’t easily seen since they have a low-health pool. So, most veteran Rust players place them in well-hidden areas within the base, preferably with only one way of accessing it.

Rust is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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