Rumor: Overwatch 2 Colosseo Map May Hint at New Hero


Video and images from the new Colosseo map coming to Overwatch 2 might hint at a new playable character hailing from Italy.

Fans of Overwatch may have noticed hints of a new hero that could possibly join the ranks of the franchise’s hero roster. In the developer PvP live stream hosted by Blizzard showcasing Overwatch 2, a potential new hero was alluded to throughout the new Colosseo map in the form of detailed gladiator posters and scorecards. Gamers are eager to find out whether or not this new hero will be included with the release of the highly anticipated Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 was first announced back in 2019 as a follow-up to the definitive multiplayer hero shooter by Blizzard Entertainment. Much of Overwatch‘s popularity can be attributed to its unique style of character-based team play, where each player chooses one of 32 heroes with unique abilities tailored to the damage, tank, and support roles. A successful team must feature a well-rounded combination of heroes, with every player having their own personal favourites. The addition of a new Overwatch hero always has profound implications for the future of the game.

In Blizzard Entertainment’s developer live stream, images of a potential new hero, Zephyrus, were glimpsed throughout the Colosseo map. He appears on a scorecard, “Zephyrus VS Maximus,” wielding dual swords and clad in Roman gladiator-style armour. This design hints at the potential for Zephyrus to be a melee-combat-oriented hero, a rare case among the sizeable roster of heroes in Overwatch. The Italian flag is also displayed beside Zephyrus, indicating that he’s an Italian hero and further reinforcing the Roman gladiator archetype. Due to his weapons and apparel, if he is indeed a new hero, Zephyrus’ role will most likely be one of Overwatch‘s damage heroes.

So far, only one new hero has been confirmed for Overwatch 2, the railgun wielding Canadian cyborg named Sojourn. Sojourn had been in development since the game’s inception in 2014, but Blizzard had difficulties balancing Sojourn’s railgun due to its similarity to Widowmaker’s sniper rifle. Sojourn’s addition to the roster has been long anticipated by Overwatch fans, as she will be the first playable black female as well as bringing Canadian representation into the fold. Including another hero such as Zephyrus would round out the roster at a nice and even 34.

At the moment, this is still rumours and speculation, as Blizzard has yet to officially announce any further new heroes for Overwatch 2. It’s possible that unplayable heroes such as Zephyrus and Maximus are featured on maps as a method of world-building, helping immerse players into Overwatch‘s story by showing details of a larger world of combatants besides the playable characters. With major reworks coming to Overwatch 2, such as reducing team size from six to five, transforming Doomfist into a tank hero, and totally redesigning Orisa’s kit, fans will certainly be busy getting used to the many changes set to arrive when the game launches.

Overwatch 2 is in development.


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