Rise of the Ronin: A New and Improved Looting System


Looting done just right.

Rise of Ronin was met with warm and welcoming reviews.  Hailed for its fantastic graphics and an emphasis on its improved looting system, the players are still learning about the complexity of the gameplay.

One of the major improvements, compared to other games from the same studio, everyone’s talking about how the looting system is much fairer and more rewarding now.

The Team Behind Rise of the Ronin

Team Ninja, the developers behind Rise of Ronin, was previously most well-known for Nioh and the subsequent sequel, Nioh 2.  It’s a complicated RPG set in medieval Japan, and it had a huge following, which only grew over the years. 

However, if you were looking for one of those “most difficult games ever,” Nioh was always on it, if not at the top.

One of the most common complaints out there is that the game had a strangely designed learning curve.  It wasn’t that difficult once you learned how to navigate it, but it did take you a long time to get there.

Nioh’s Looting System

Image: Team Ninja

Another common complaint about Team Ninja was how they handled the looting system within the game.  It’s based on a random number generator, so it mostly resembles crash games you could play, such as the ones reviewed by CCN.com.  

This meant that the outcome of each loot didn’t depend on how far you’ve gotten in a game, and players could find almost any item at any time. Most players complained about getting too much loot at once, which made it difficult for a novice player to organize, store, and use it.

Is Rise of the Ronin Different?

Image: Team Ninja

The design team really paid attention to the fans and their complaints and preferences.  It’s noticeable in the looting feature, among other things. 

The biggest change is the auto-disposal feature that allows players to drop parts of the loot they’ve collected without having to go through too many menus.  It’s especially useful because of how engaging the gameplay and the combat mechanism are – players won’t have to stop in the middle of the action and deal with the loot.

Looting Systems

There are many different looting systems in play when it comes to major RPG games.  Games often employ a combination of these. 

Looting is often a big part of the gameplay as it rewards players for the wins they’ve made in combat and for paying attention to the game and thoroughly going through every section of it.

First Come First Served

Image: Team Ninja

This is the simplest form of a looting system.  The players that get to loot first are the ones that get it.  It’s somewhat simplistic compared to what more sophisticated games do, but players love this system because it doesn’t show favoritism.

Random Number Generator Systems

Random number generators are commonly used in casinos but also in many other games that rely on luck.  This is the case with most looting systems in RPGs.  The outcome of each loot is randomized, and therefore, the players’ behavior doesn’t affect how the loot will turn out for them. 

Need before Greed

The so-called “need before greed” looting system is a subset of a random numbers generator system. 

Since most MMORPGs have some sort of class system, the loot isn’t completely random but made to fit the class that the player has selected.

Point-Based System

Some games have a point-based system for looting.  The players earn points by looting, and those points can then be exchanged for items, weapons, armor, or special features within the game. 

Players also tend to find fault with this system because common issues arise with such games.  There’s often point inflation, and some players tend to collide against others and hoard all the points for themselves.

What’s Special About Rise of the Ronin?

Image: Team Ninja

Rise of the Ronin is set in Japan, in the Edo period, meaning in the 19th century.  It takes place during the Boshin War between the Tokugawa Shogunate and various anti-shogunate factions displeased with the Western influence.  It’s a common theme in games taking place in Japan, but it’s realized with a lot of care and knowledge about the material.

The story follows the Blade Twins, whose genders are selected by the player, and their involvement in the Veiled Edge resistance group.


Many reviewers discussed the noticeable influences in the Rise of the Ronin.  The influences most talked about are Dark Souls and Nioh. Others have also said that there are parts of the game similar to Sekiro and Legend of Zelda, even though those are two quite different games.

Some reviewers have said that Rise of the Ronin is a list of all the game beats, features, and styles that Team Ninja has tried before.  This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how much you’ve loved the other titles.

The Competition

Rise of the Ronin will be released for PS5 only.  It’s an expected decision given how long the new console has been around and that Sony is slowly making the move to phase out PS4.  Some are still disappointed by it, as the PS5 hasn’t become as popular as Sony has hoped.

The game comes out within a few days of the releases of Dragon’s Dogma 2 and a PC version of Horizon Forbidden West.  In a year in which there won’t be that many big PS5 titles, Rise of the Ronin comes out with a lot of competitors, but it hasn’t hurt the sales so far.

Team Ninja and Its Plans 

The game is the largest project Team Ninja has worked on so far, and that’s saying something, given that Nioh has about 50 hours of gameplay.

“Throughout creating our biggest game to date, we have been working alongside the team at SIE to create an experience that allows players to fully embody a Ronin during the closing days of the Tokugawa Shogunate.”, said Team Ninja president Fumihiko Yasuda.

We already know that Team Ninja plans to produce a digital deluxe edition as well, as has become common with AAA games.


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By Saad Muzaffar 24 April 2024


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