Report: Disc-less Xbox One To Release In May



Xbox One

Rumors have been swirling for a few months now that Microsoft is planning to release a new version of their Xbox One console without a disc drive, effectively making a digital-only console. Now reports are coming out that the digital-only Xbox One is not only real, but it will release in just a few months in May.

According to Windows Central, the console is codenamed the Xbox Maverick. The actual name, however, is reported to be the “Xbox One S All-Digital” edition. The console will be a normal Xbox One S, but all games will be digital, like a PSP Go or a tablet or phone. The idea is certainly not alien, but very rarely used on consoles.

The hope is for the console to be cheaper than a regular Xbox One S, but it is unclear how much money removing the disc drive will save both Microsoft and consumers. Still, for users who don’t want to buy physical games and publishers who want to stop making physical games, the prospect is likely appealing.

[Source: Windows Central]

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