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PS4 and Xbox One gamers are getting a big new update for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online next week.

Confirming the details today, Rockstar Games announced new weapons, cosmetic items, events and Showdown Mode would be part of the expansion.

Red Dead Online remains in beta and is in dire need of new content to enjoy on all platforms.

Like GTA Online before it, RDR2 multiplayer will slowly new activities, and missions added to it in the coming months.

But the faster these new layers of content are released, the better chance Rockstar Games has over holding onto players.

February 26 will see the launch of one of these big new updates, although no set release time has been confirmed.

A new Fool’s Gold Free Roam Event, where players will compete to control a protective suit of Golden Armor, is one of the main highlights.

Players will have to fight to take down the armour wearer to earn points and claim it as their own, then turn the tables and earn points for kills while wearing the armour.

These events proved popular in GTA Online and will no doubt add an injection of excitement to RDR2 as well.

Three new Showdown Modes have also been promised, including Up in Smoke, Spoils of War and Plunder.

Races will also see a new variation with Target Races where players shoot targets from horseback to pass checkpoints as they race along a track to the finish line.

So what about new content to buy in Red Dead Online?

Here’s what Rockstar has promised for next week, telling fans: “B.D. and Co. is turning out the high grade, high capacity Evans Repeater rifle. The Rare Shotgun is D.D. Packenbush’s latest variation of the powerful double-barreled longarm.

“Sporting an antique style faded brass finish and an artfully adorned stock. Both weapons will be available via the Wheeler & Rawson Catalogue and local Gunsmiths.

“A wide range of new clothing to further customise your character – from the snake-adorned Diamondback Hat to the fur-trimmed Rutledge Vest – is also on the way with new Outfits, Jackets, Boots, Coats, Gloves, Hats, Vests and more.

“In addition to all the clothing that will be available for purchase at your leisure, keep an eye on the shops and the Catalogue for unique special items that will come and go. A variety of new Emotes is also on the way – featuring everything from greets to reactions and taunts.”

There’s a line in that statement that would’ve peaked fan interest in what might be coming next.

“Also starting on Tuesday, February 26 lookout for new content and special promotions weekly,” certainly sounds like Rockstar teasing extra content.

Rockstar is used to drip-feeding new content into their games, and it seems the same thing will be happening in Red Dead Online.

This means a bunch of unannounced stuff being added over the coming weeks, which include new horses, vehicle types and more.

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