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Red Dead Redemption 2 developer Rockstar surprised fans with the surprise release of the Gun Rush game mode in a recent update.

The Gun Rush Battle Royale mode is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.

According to the Red Dead 2 patch notes, Gun Rush sees players put their survival instincts to the test. 

Essentially a scaled down version of Battle Royale, 32 players gather weapons and ammunition while the play area shrinks.

“Available to play now in Free-for-all and Team variations, where the last one standing wins,” Rockstar explains.

And as the new game mode goes live, IGN has posted one or two tips that will help you survive in the Wild West.

Unlike most Battle Royale games, players start at the edge of the map and must work their way inwards.

And while there’s a temptation to duke it out with melee weapons on the edge of the map, the post recommends rushing to the middle of the map as soon as possible.

The middle of the map is said to contain the best items, while arriving first gives players the chance to secure the best positions.

It’s also worth ditching your horse when you arrive at some of the game’s built up areas. Riding on horseback makes you a bigger target to fortified players.

Without the ability to build like in Fortnite, make your way to the top of buildings for the best chance of eliminating opposition.

Gun Rush is the first of many new updates and game modes coming to Red Dead Redemption 2 in the coming weeks and months.

Rockstar explains: “More updates are coming soon including new Races and Showdown Modes and new clothing and emotes, as well as some additional changes based on player feedback.”

This includes daily challenges such as sharpshooting and evading the law.

Law and Bounty upgrades will also be introduced, which should “reduce the enticements for griefing”.

“Soon, players will get a bounty for committing crimes and will be incentivized to pay them off within an allotted time. Wait too long and bounty hunters from each of the states will track the player forcing them to either pay up or escape.”

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