Q.U.B.E 2 Is Back On The North American Switch eShop After Last Week’s Disappearance




    Q.U.B.E. 2 arrived on Switch just a couple of weeks ago, impressing us with its smartly executed puzzles, but North American fans were left unable to download the game this week after a mysterious disappearance from the eShop. Thankfully, the issue has now been explained and resolved.

    Despite it still appearing on Nintendo’s official website since its launch, the game was suddenly pulled from the eShop itself just a matter of days ago. A tweet from the game’s official Twitter account has confirmed that the game is back, safe and sound on the eShop once more, and developer, Toxic Games, also provided a comment on the situation.

    Unfortunately the game became temporarily unavailable in the America regions as ERSB updated their ratings of the game post-launch and it’s Nintendo’s policy to pull the title to get things updated. It’s been pretty frustrating and we did everything we could to get the game back online ASAP.

    Pleased to say, we are now back up on the eShop in American regions!

    Interestingly, replying to users on Reddit, Toxic Games has said that “there’s no info on why” the ERSB rating was updated and that the studio “didn’t change anything”.

    Still, the mysterious case has now been solved. If you tried to buy the game over the last few days but couldn’t find it, everything should now be back to normal.

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