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The Xbox Two could give the PS5 a real run for its money when the next-generation of consoles are released.

Microsoft will seemingly take a leaf out of Sony’s book for the launch of the Xbox Two in 2020.

The Xbox One has been a distant second to the PS4, arguably due to a lack of must-have exclusive games.

Microsoft has been over-reliant on established exclusive franchises like Halo, Gears of War and Forza during the current console generation.

With exclusives like Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man and God of War to its name, Sony’s PS4 lineup is far more exciting.

This has been seen as a key factor in the console’s success compared to the Xbox One.

But it looks like that’s about to change with the Xbox Two, as Microsoft shifts the focus to innovative adventures with a focus on story.

That’s according to a brand new recruitment video posted by Microsoft studio The Initiative.

“The Initiative is a new game development studio located blocks from the beach in sunny Santa Monica, CA,” the studio explains.

“Our Mission is to create ambitious and innovative game experiences that our audience will love. We are passionate about craft, creating stories, and building the next big thing in gaming.”

The studio will be led by Darrell Gallagher, whose previous employers include Activision and Square Enix.

Brian Westergaard is the studio’s director of production. His previous credits include God of War (below) and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The studio also features talent from the likes of Insomniac Games, Riot Games and 343 Industries.

The Initiative isn’t the only Microsoft studio adopting a new approach to developing games.

According to comments made by Halo Transmedia studio head Kiki Wolfkill, the next Halo game might break from the norm.

Speaking at Fortune’s Brainstorm Design conference, Wolfkill seemed to suggest that Halo would adopt more of a live service model in the future.

“What it means to design for an audience now and what it means to design for an audience 10 years from now is really about having a set of rules that people can engage with and buy into for years to come,” she said.

“We have to be able to change content quickly. We can’t afford to wait three years every time we drop a new product and have it be a black box because the games kids are playing are changing every week.”

While the comments may not be aimed at Halo Infinite, it would make sense for the next Halo game to go down this route.

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