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A recent survey has confirmed that the PS5 is the most desirable console among its rivals.

While most analysts don’t believe we will see the new console launch this year, there still the chance that Sony will announce the PS5 in 2019.

And when they do, they could see just how popular their next-gen project will prove.

However, until then, they can point to a new UK survey that suggests gamers are looking forward to the PlayStation 5 more than the next Xbox console and Google Stadia service.

Harris Interactive, a market research firm, conducted research among gamers to try and gauge what the current frontrunners are to replace the PS4 and Xbox One.

Over 2,100 interviews were performed among a wide age gap, which put the PS5 at the top of the list.

The survey reports: “When asked for consideration of Stadia against the next generation of consoles, Stadia performs well, just behind the next Xbox and ahead of the next Switch.

The two questions put to people surveyed asks: Now imagine that you were to buy a new game console, which of the following would you consider buying?

“And which one of the following would you be most likely to buy?”

41% of those asked said they were most likely to buy the PS5, while 38% said they would consider it.

This puts it ahead of the Xbox Two by 17% and the Google Stadia streaming service by 22%.

It certainly makes for excellent reading in 2019, a year which will see a drop in PS4 sales, especially if a new console is revealed.

The PS5 will reportedly launch in 2020, with various media sources and industry analysts backing the idea of the next-gen releasing next year.

But others still believe that the new console launch dates could fall in a different year.

Leading US retailer GameStop said they anticipate PS4 and Xbox One sales to slow down in 2019 as people wait to find out more about the next-gen.

Rob Lloyd, the firm’s CFO, said: “With respect to new hardware, as we get closer to the end of the current console cycle for Xbox and PlayStation, we expect demand to decline as some customers choose to wait on the sidelines in anticipation of acquiring the next generation of innovative console”.

And according to a post by GameSpot, Lloyd was talking about 2019 when he made these comments.

This could suggest that the PS5 from Sony and Xbox Two from Microsoft may be getting announced, or even released, in 2019.

Meanwhile, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, a trusted media source, is sticking with the idea of a 2020 release.

“Look, as I’ve been saying since roughly March 2018 (in this very thread), next-gen is coming in 2020,” Schreier shared on Reset Era.

“That Semiaccurate article saying 2018 (lol) got people’s hopes up for 2019, but by now I hope it’s clear that the PS5 ain’t coming out this fall.

“And, despite all the rumours about devkits being out (usually from rumormongers who are wrong more often than not), the number of people briefed on next-gen is still very limited. Even within companies like, say, DICE, there’ll be a small team of engineers who now have a rough idea of specs, and everyone else will know when they need to know. Not a lot of devs are disclosed on next-gen right now.”

So fans can probably expect more PS5 news to be announced in 2019.

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